There are three take aways here. Summer Camp, Retention and Program. I can affect all three, but I am in charge of Program. It also boils down to Volunteers at every level. With so many services being cut, Scouting does offer a great opportunity. It also is low cost, but Scouting runs on Volunteers.

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At last nights Roundtable I was pleased to see a great turn out in the Boy Scout break out.  Last nights attraction was Camporee and what units can do to get ready for it.  We had about a half hour left so I thought it would be worth our while to talk a little District talk with the leaders that took their time to be at the break out.
Now first of all.. I have said it before, and I am sure I will say it again.. at Roundtable we typically are preaching to the choir, but there were plenty of newer faces in the room, so putting on my District Chairman hat, I stepped up front and spent a few minutes sharing some district news, reported back a little on the District Journey to Excellence Score card, and made myself available for questions.
Summer camp.  This became a…

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