How Scouting is supposed to work

TruenorthThis post from Shawn Cleary, a Scoutmaster in Green Bay, WI is about correcting a wrong and keeping a Scout in the program.  It is amazing to me how wrong a Troop can get a program.  It is good that there are people out there that know the Scouting Program and are able to correct it.

I am reposting through here, so you can read it and understand that there is a correct way on how to use the program to everyone’s advantage.   Scouting is not a program to put limits on a youth.  It is there to help them discover and learn.

Again, another reason Scoutnation is a wonderful thing.

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2 thoughts on “How Scouting is supposed to work”

  1. (Sarcasm turned on) Don’t you just love it when leaders impose their own standards on badge work etc. (Sarcasm turned off)

    Like this

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