IMG_1376It is that time within most every Council starts to sell Popcorn.  Cascade Pacific Council is no different.  This was Elliot when he was a Wolf in Pack 221.

There are many ways to sell Popcorn, and this site will give you a lot of pointers.  I wanted to give you a few pointers myself after going through Popcorn Season a few times.

There are a few things you will need.  First, a cute Cub Scout who wants a Marsh mellow Blaster!  Or whatever the Council is giving as the prize.  Second, you need product.  Yes, the Council has everything you want.  Get it.  But, do not get TOO MUCH.  The more you have and what is not sold has to go back to Council.

Your Treasurer and Popcorn Kernal will thank you for either Selling EVERYTHING or 12023173_10206659310854948_120207026_nnot ordering a lot.  If this is your Pack’s first time in selling Popcorn.  Do not order a lot.

Places to sell.  There are generally three places that you want to focus on selling.
First, you want to get all the neighbors in your area.  Hit the streets that you can ride bikes around.  Be in the area that is close to your Elementary School.  Going outside of your area may get you sales, but people want to know if you live on their street or go to the school.

Second: Stores and Retail locations.  Your District Popcorn Kernal will DSC_5455have a list of places that you can sign-up for to sell at.  Go off that list.  Do not go to locations, and just set-up.  Many other Packs may have already signed up for that area and time.  Many a turf war was started by parents in the parking lot.

Calls to the District Executive follow and those are just no fun.  Some Districts may think that that store is in their area when it is not.  If two units show up at the same time, split the entry ways and make the best of it.

If you have cardboard that you put photos of what the Pack does with the money and also events, bring those.  People like to see what you do.  These boards can be used again during Join Nights and Back to School events.

12041789_10206664034533037_2125795622_nCharter Organizations:  If the Pack is sponsored by a Church or Service Organization, then ask your Charter Org Rep to get time in the area.  Again, you need a cute Scout.

Online sales:  The online promotion of selling has only gotten easier to do.  Yes, you need to include what the Council provides so the order can be processed easier.  This is the time to find every long lost Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Grandfather, Grandmother and if you are still friends your Ex-Girlfriend or Boyfriend.  You know, the one you did not marry!

Another selling tip: If this is your first year in selling.  Keep a copy of the sale sheet.  Use that for next year’s sales.  If you have a sister who is in Girl Scouts..you know the Younger Venture Crew types, get their list.  Sell to them.  I suspect your sister will use your list as well.  It is all to support Scouting!

Say Thank you.  Say Thank you when someone buys and when someone does not.  Smile.    Scouts are Friendly, Kind and Courteous.

Happy Selling!

I big thank you to the Martin Family of Pack 199 in Three Rivers District from the Cascade Pacific Council.  I asked if I could use photos he posted and was graciously given the OK to do so.  The Martin family has two boys in the Pack.  David is the Cubmaster and his wife is the Committee Chair.

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OA Troop Rep & Advisor #DareToDo

icon-oa-troop-representative-adviserI am Troop 150’s Order of the Arrow’s Adviser.  I was just elected by the Troop this Spring and my Ordeal was the June 5th weekend at Camp Cooper.  Two other Scouts were elected by their fellow Scouts as well. There is so much to learn.  But, there is so much fun.  And the whole Ordeal Weekend was just so amazing.  It is not just another patch or handshake.

So, I am on a new path.  I am the Troop Representative Adviser.  I get to help the Troop Rep figure out his path.  Wow, blind leading the blind!

While our Troop has it’s share of Arrowmen, the only one who is Brotherhood is our Scoutmaster.  Several of the other Adult Leaders are Brotherhood, but are not active nor registered.  See the issue?  Notice I did not say Problem.  I am not sure that it is Sash n Dash, but it’s just not going back.  Hence, our starting back to Chapter Meetings and learning more about the Order of the Arrow.

I just sent our impending OA Troop Rep an email with a copy to his Dad and the Scoutmaster with a few bits of advice and an Ask.  I asked him to read the Troop Rep POR, I also asked him to come at short notice to the Chapter Meeting this Thursday Night.  I also explained that once we work through his understanding and commitment to the position, we can move forward to informing the Chapter and getting is Position of Responsibility started.

Both of us have a lot of learning to do.  It will be a great journey.  #DareToDo


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Telling Cascade Pacific Council’s Scouting Story

sign-300x279What do you really know about Cascade Pacific Council?  Ok, outside of the annual Friends of Scouting presentation……. Did you know that in 1994 two Councils merged into Cascade Pacific?  Can you name them? Columbia and Cascade Area Councils.  What Camp was destroyed when Mt St Helen’s Erupted? Spirit Lake!

But what do you know about other events or stories of Cascade Pacific Council.  You know that in 2016 is the 100th Anniversary of Cascade Pacific?  Wait, you did not? Well, it is.

There is now a concerted effort to tell the Cascade Pacific Council’s Scouting Story.  It covers every Unit, Volunteer, District, Event and tidbit.  It can be just like stories listed on The Boy Project.   It can also be very simple stories about how to put on a craft for a Cub scout Pack Join Night.   We want to hear them.
In the coming days and weeks, the Cascade Pacific Social Media Channels like their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest locations will start to publish these stories.  And yes, we are going to have a Podcast.  We will even have Video! So, if you are doing something cool, WE want to hear and see it!

So, who is on this Social Media Dream Team?  Well, Jim Bergman (CPCBSA Social Media Manager) Jeff Aradine (CPCBSA STEM/Development Director) some guy name Jerry from THUNDERBIRD DISTRICT!  And myself.

So, what makes your Scout Unit Cool?  Why is your District Awesome? Who has the greatest singing voice in your Camporee?  We want to know all of this and Eagle Scouts.  What are their projects.  We also want to know about Arrow of Light Crossovers.  Who is the new Bobcat in your Pack!  What was the worst meal you ate at Camp?  Yup, we want to know it all.
IMG_2759These stories make up Cascade Pacific’s Scouting Story.
Just so you know, I started this blog in August of 2009.  It was just after going to Wood Badge.  I wanted to record my history  within Scouting.  One of the stories I wrote about on this Blog was the 4T Hike the Webelos took just before Crossing over.  I will always remember it. Another good story is about Pack 221’s history. Now it is your turn.

Help Cascade Pacific tell their story.

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photoAs defined by Dictionary.com:  the most perfect embodiment of something.   There a moments that you realize that you now get what is being explained to you, or what is happening around you.  Some may call it “the AH-HA Moment.”

The Leader of any organization is thrust into the spotlight because they are the CEO, President, Scout Executive, Chief Scout, Scoutmaster. Cubmaster or the Akela.  Or the person who just happened to be there with the answers.

I have several moments while Cubmaster that I will always remember.  I  really liked being the Cubmaster.  I got to think up and do things that were FUN.  I was not the best Cubmaster, but I stole from those who were better than I.  It was my job to help the Pack Go, pass on the traditions and get the Scouts to Boy Scouts.  Did I have the “quintessence’?  Maybe at times.

These past few years since I left the Pack, I think that I have had a few moments.

  • I gave a 2010 Scout Coin to a Scout who was moving away.  I asked him to continue on his journey.
  • I gave the benediction at a Top Team Meeting.  The prayer actually meant something to me.  It was not the normal “grace” people say.  “Please God, grant me the spark to imagine, the daring to innovate, the disipline to plan, the skill to do, the will to achieve, the commitment to be responsible, and the leadership to motivate.”
  • Moments that I understand the Troop atmosphere and game plan. And that I am slowly making a difference.
  • being asked to present in front of the District Kickoff and share my experince as Cubmaster.
  • seeing a Scout progress from when I handed him his Arrow of Light to seeing him as Star.

What is your Quintessence?

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It’s been awhile…..

IMG_2312Hey, you are still here reading this blog?  I have been away due to work and SUMMER.  I wanted to catch-up with a few items related to Scouting.

District:  Our two District’s merged on July 1st.  We are now called SKYLOO instead of Pioneer and Wapiti.  Change happens and there is Forming, Norming, Storming and Performing!  I am still the Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner.  I gave up a few other positions.  I am looking forward to this next year.  New Cubscout Program, New District Exec (well, she’s been here since Feburary.) and new people stepping up at District.  It is great to work with awesome people.
I also continue to sit on Eagle Boards of Review as the Board Chairman.  It is a great two hours of listening to the Scouts Journey.

Council:  I got the OK from the Exec Board to be the Assistant Council Commissioner for Commissioner Tools and Communications.  It’s a pretty cool honor.  It is very interesting to see all the data/stats Council wide.     I also got voted in as Council Member at Large.  I am not sure what all I get with that.  At lest the Scout Executive likes me.

Troop: Wow…so much to talk about.  So, here goes….
Camporee: Our Troop stepped up and hosted the final Pioneer District Camporee.  We hosted the first one after the split.  We changed it up and made it flow a lot better than the past couple of years. “Finding your Way” was the theme and we made the Scouts use their 10 Essentials and go for a hike to all the events.  Pretty fun.  Plus the layout was a lot better.

Order of the Arrow:  I was elected into the OA this year and helped three of the Scouts on their Ordeal.  It was fantastic.  A whole new door has been opened.

Assistant Scoutmaster: I switched from Committee Member to ASM, because the Troop needed it.  We are top heavy on Committee Members.  I also became the OA ASM for the OA Troop Rep.  Still working on finding a OA Troop Rep.  Since I go on most of the outings with the Troop, it felt natural.  I also finally took the Scoutmaster 1,2,3 course so I can wear the “Trained” Patch.  Being fully Trained is a good thing.  I still have a lot to learn as ASM, but I am willing and I can drive!
Summercamp: Our Troop just got back from Camp Parsons on the Hood Canal in the Chief Seattle Council.  The Camp is actually one hour from my parents house in Port Townsend.  Wow.  What an area.  Camp Parsons is almost 100 years old.  The Troop has been going there since 1986.  The last time was 2012.   Elliot took Swimming and Canoeing Merit Badges.  He has one requirement left for Canoeing.  So much to tell, so that will be another blog post.  Suffice to say, Camp Parsons was a lot of fun.  FYI: The first picture is of myself, the Scoutmaster and our Advancement Chair leaping off the Pier during the Annual Pier Jump! It was a perfect day!

There is so much more about these past few months that I just cannot pack into one posting.
I do have to say that one of the greatest Father-Son moments was when Elliot came up to me and demanded that I jump with him off the Pier.  He knows that I am scared of Heights.  But, I did it with him.  It meant so much.  Memories made!

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Scouting time

Tboy_mainhe past two weekend were good weekends for the Troop and Scouts.  The first was our Pre-Camporee outing.   It was my second time with the Troop and it was good.   We were back at Camp Lewis which our Council owns.  It is a good location since it is about 90 minutes away from the Church and very easy to get to.   This year we have grown to four patrols.  Something that has not happened since 2007.  All 10 of the newly crossovered Webelos II came on the trip.  Which is awesome.  That was about 33 Scouts.  Largest we have had in awhile.

As with any Scout outing, it RAINED.  Good news is we had the big Shelter and kept a fire going the entire time.  It was our base of operation as we had all the patrols in their patrol sites.  Which, normally we have a line of Tents with everyone in one area.  It is how we also do Camporee.  But, the Scouts and Scoutmaster are really working on getting the patrols to become patrols.  Getting the PLs to actually lead more and be more responsible.

Elliot’s Patrol was the furthest away, which was great.  Not to brag or anything, but his PL who is in his second term as PL had everyone doing their job.  First to show up, first to get meals done, first to be ready….. They even helped a lot of the other patrols get their gear packed at the end.

What I saw that weekend is several of the older Scouts hang out with the younger ones and work the EDGE Method.  The young Scouts were busy learning, learning, asking for SMC, going back to learn more because they did not one or two things right.  Our Advancement Chair took the time to get up to speed with each Scout and their Book.  We have recently moved from Troopmaster to Scoutbook and we are error checking between software and what the Scouts book actually says.

The other big thing we did was while running stations on a soggy and wet Saturday was a Service Project.   We were tasked to help clear rocks and debris from the Cubscout BB Gun Range.  Think BIG ROCKS.  Some even Lava!  In about the four to five hours we cleared it all.  It was a good break from learning.  Plus a lot of the guys really got into it.

Games….there were so many many games you would think it was Comic Con.  Card games, board games, Role Playing Games and whole Troop games.  The two big Troops games were Capture the Flag.  Which encompassed a huge area.  The second Troop Classic is Nighttime Glowstick Orienteering.  The link is from last years game.  Both games my son was stoked to play.  The new guys were totally into it.

Three days and two nights of wet fun in the woods.  It was a success.

Now, to this weekend.  The Scout-O as put on by CROC.  It was a late add to the schedule since we only heard about it on Monday, but published it out to the whole Troop.  “Scouts should be able to pass off requirement 1a for 2nd Class (explain map and compass – the course is not long enough to pass off 1b, but you could probably make it so if you go back and forth along the course enough times), and requirement 2 for 1st Class (including the height measurement, although it is not really part of a standard orienteering course).”  To which, I will add that since we did not work on the height measurement, no one got that requirement.  Elliot however had it signed-off last November at our advancement Day at the park.

We only had four Scouts show up.  One of them being a new Scout who had earned his Scout Rank during Pre-Camporee.  We paired up into Two Scouts each to a Patrol and sent them off on the Intermediate course.   Adults lagged behind so we did not interfere…too much.   There were several missteps and do-overs and re-calculations of where to go, but they go there.  After each point the Scouts grew in confidence.

What we realized during this course is that we were going to fall short of the 5 miles.  So, we took another map that we found and laid out another set of points for the Scouts to find.  Which failed because a Scout lost his Backpack.  We figured out another course and sent them searching for the Lost Backpack.  They never found it, but it was a good lesson on Teamwork.

The interesting tidbit here is that one Scout gave up on his backpack and headed back to base.  He needed a buddy, so one went with him.  The other two wanted to finish the course and kept at it.   Two of the adults headed out after the four Scouts a bit after they started only to find the two finishing.   I was back at base with the other Adults and saw only two show up.

Not fearing any emergency, since they sauntered back into base, I asked what happened.  I explained to them, one being a new Scout, that as a patrol, you stick together.  If there was an emergency it was ok to then leave and get help.  But, that was not the case.  Once we were all back together, we de-briefed as a teachable moment.  Patrols stick together.  they must decide what to do together and then do it.  No split choices.

Overall, a good two weekends.  Being out with the Scouts was great.  It is the experience that helps each of us grow.    I did have plans to go to Scoutmaster/Ast Scoutmaster Training that day.  I only need this class to be fully Trained for my position as Ast Scoutmaster.  However, I know that there will be another class that I can take.  This weekend was a great time to get outside and learn other skills and create experiences and memories.



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Commissioner College 2015

11061992_10152869529739143_3709668585078736937_n  Over the weekend of March 14th, the 2015 Cascade Pacific Council held it’s annual Commissioners College.  I believe that I have been to Commissioners College now four times.  I have now gotten my Associate, Bachelor and just this year Masters in Commissioner Science.  I took the Roundtable Commissioner Basic Training in 2013 a full six months or so before I became the Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner.  This year I also taught a course on Commissioner Tools to everyone.

As many people know who have read this blog for awhile, I believe in getting all the Training you can for the position that you currently hold.  I also believe in learning about other positions since you might be in that roll soon or you might need to help someone with information about it.

My next stop along the Commissioner Training path is to go for my Doctorate.  I am already starting to help another Scouter with his Doctorate since I have access to the Council website as the Ast Council Commissioner in charge of Communications and Commissioner

The good thing to keep in mind, is that as I go through this process, there is the Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot award.  I have completed a lot of this already, but have a long way to go.  I should be completing the Roundtable Commissioner’s Knot in the fall of 2016 as I already have the Arrowhead for it.

During the time I was writing this, the monthly Council Commissioner Cabinet met at Council.  The topic of commissioner College came up.   Several people asked if we could move the date due to other Council/District/Unit conflicts.  Also if we could look at other topics to be incorporated into the college.  Plus it was even asked if it could be joined into the Commissioner Retreat.  All were positively received.

I am looking forward to working on my Doctorate, learning a lot more and again teaching a class.

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