Giving and Learning

Our Pack is sponsored by the Kiwanis.  I joined the other night.  I was in Keyclub in Highschool from 82-85.  I even ran for Lt Governor for my district.  I did not win.  But had a great party in the hotel room.

The local Kiwanis Camp for Kids is the Round Table Commissioner and fellow Woodbadger (Antelope).  In a brief talk and email, we are going to figure out how to get my Pack and the District’s disabled Pack together.  I think that it is very important for the boys to give back in many ways.  Yes, Scouting for Food, Good Will Good Turn and other events are good.  They show up, do their deed and get a segment.  I love segments, patches and beltloops!  It shows accomplishment and helps the boys remember their good deeds.

However, I think that it is even better for the boys and even the parents to get outside their comfort zone and learn about others. Disabled Wareness Award looks to be a great start to helping people learn about what is different about others.  If the boys can learn that their counterparts are no different from them, then a barrier has been broken.

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