"Follow me Boys"

This is a great movie!  Follow Me Boys tells the tale of several boys in a town without a Boy Scout Troop and Fred Macmurray comes into town and shortly thereafter starts a troop.

I have nothing against this movie. I love everything about it.  I recently bought it at Pow-Wow and watched it with my family.  One of the main reasons was to pre-view it to make sure that all cubs would be ok with it.

My one reservation about it is when Fred and his wife have a miscarrage and cannot have children.  This is the same for the 2009 movie UP.

I only bring this up since my Council is having a patch up for grabs if all requirements are met.  One of them is viewing “Follow Me Boys”.  Because of an earlier conversation with my District Executive about movies for Cubscouts, he cautioned about these types of scenes.  Reason being is that during a campout/movie after a AAA Baseball game, the team showed a questionable movie that got the phone bank lite up on the baseball team and the Council with many many complaints.

So, because of this reason I am looking to subsitute “Follow Me Boys” with “Down and Derby” and “Scout Camp“.

This is but one of our requirements that are going to be completed.  We have awhile to go, but we are on track in getting this done.


*Updated 12/21/10: I think Lem is a Beaver!*

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  1. Scouter Doug says:

    I wish the shower scene wasn't in Down & Derby. It's certainly tame, but when screening for the Cubs I felt like all eyes were on me like… "This really isn't appropriate."


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