Who is that scout you will not forget?

We all have a teacher, cubmaster, scoutmaster or that one person in our life that we will always remember.  For myself, I have a few.  Mr Bryson in 6th grade who made school fun.  Mr Dean, who made 8th grade Science Class cool!  Mr Munsen in 11th grade History who reminded me that school was fun and taught me a lot.  There are others, but you get the idea.

So, who is that Scout that makes you want to follow their career within scouting?   For me, it is Finn.  He left the Pack tonight because his parents are relocating to the San Diego area.  I first met Finn in July during our Summertime Pack evnt of Pulling Ivy.  He was all over it.  He was even ready to get his Bobcat that day! He had almost all of it down.  The Oath took a bit, but he knew it.

Finn is at home out in nature.  He always had an interesting fact about a bug or plant that he just saw.  I could always count on him to find the coolest insect when out on a nature hike.

When I heard from his mom that they were moving, I was sad.  Sad because I look forward to seeing him at the den and pack meetings.  Sad because I knew he would discover stuff and I wanted to be there.  Was I learning from him?  So, his Den Leader and I went to work making sure that he had everything for his Bear Badge.  She checked her records and I entered everything into Packmaster to double-check.  Yup, he did.  He even had a lot of Arrow Points too.  Finn did things on his own that the other boys did not do.

So, with some of the other boys we handed out the Wolf badge.  I waited until everyone had gotten all their awards and badges before I started my goodbye.

I brought him back up and explained that he was leaving and why.  I explained how impressed that I was with him.  I explained to him that we would miss him.  I then presented and gave him his Bear Scarf and Bear Book.  The whole Pack stood and clapped.

Before Finn left he came over and said: Thank you Mr Adam for everything.  I told him, it’s not good-bye.  I said that we are both scouts and that I suspect that we will see each other again.  He was surprised by that and I explained how people run into each other.  I also told him to keep with scouting.

Who is your scout that you won’t forget?

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  1. Kristi says:

    love this post….you were lucky to meet Finn and he was lucky to meet you


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