BSA100 STS-131 & Den Meeting

Today marks a pretty thing. The Space Shuttle Discovery launched into space and to the International Space Station with the BSA100 Year of Celebration Patches.

Most of the boys and other leaders have earned this patch in our pack.  If your a Den Leader or Cubmaster and are actively working with the boys you fall right in line to earning it with them.

Because of this and I needed an intro to a combined Tiger & Wolf Den meeting, I am bringing a few Space items.I think that every boy (and girl) always had a thing about rockets and space.  My connection to space is through my Dad’s Parents.  They were friends with Pete Conrad.  He used to come to Montana and go hunting with them , my dad and uncle.    I still remember Sky Lab missions and it’s fall to Earth.

While this photo of Pete Conrad does not show the autograph, it is.  Seeing that it’s about 40 years old, it’s hung in their pretty good.  This photo now hangs in my son’s room.  The crushing thing about the photo is when I visited Orlando and the Cape, I found a stack of these photos in the gift shop.  Oh well.  Lest, I know the autograph was orginal.

During my time on the Cape, I bought a few patched and mementos.

The one thing that Pete Conrad took up to the Moon landing on Apollo 12 in 1969 is this necklace that he gave to my Grandmother.  Yes, that is a real diamond on the front.  I have only physically held and seen this twice in my life.  Once in 6th grade and now.  My Grandmother let me take it to Show & Tell.  She was standing out in the hall and I gave it back to her after I was done.
It reads: “Apollo 12 Moon Landing November 1969 To Helen from Pete Conrad”
The other thing that I am taking to the Den Meeting tonight is the BSA 100 Coin.  I bought three of them. One for Elliot and myself and another for just in case.  I figure that I can show the boys how history keeps going, show them that Scouting helped Astronauts and other attain their goals.  While I do not have a moon rock, I have something that was on the moon.
Now, if I was really cool , I would hook up my Ham Radio and see if we could talk to them…;)
JOTA is in Oct and I already have plans for that.

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2 Responses to BSA100 STS-131 & Den Meeting

  1. Scouter Doug says:

    Great memorabilia -guarunteed to get attention. I bet the Scouts aren't the only ones leaning in either.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the pendant is real and Pete did take it to the moon….and back. Mom was so happy to have it. Father of the Den Master


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