Water Bottle Rocket Summer Time Pack Event

We had our water bottle rocket Summertime Pack Event.  It was great.  We built and flew the rockets.  We were actually supposed to build the Model Rockets and fly them.  However, after finding out that the people who were going to help us launch them, canceled. We switched to this.
It was a much better idea.  The boys had fun building.  The parents had fun with applying duct tape as needed.  Then if was off to launch them.  It was a very interesting application of physics and propulsion.  The boys picked up on it

Overall everyone had a great time. Plus getting wet was not an issue!

Some of the rockets
The Launch Pads.  We had two of them so to keep the fun going!
Interesting to see the path
With a helpful suggestion from myself, I told the boys that they could put a nosecone on it.
Several did and used water for the weight. 
Um…those things went far and cam down fast and straight!
Guess some things learned at Wood Badge are left safer to Wood Badgers!
That’s my boy!

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2 Responses to Water Bottle Rocket Summer Time Pack Event

  1. Adam R. Cox says:

    Hi there: Here is the link for where we created the launchers. http://www.sciencetoymaker.org/waterRocket/buildWaterRocketLauncher.htmHope that that helps. The Committee Chair actually did it.


  2. Scott says:

    Adam, I built a bottle launcher, but was wondering how u build your launcher, mostly the release mechanism. I have launched ours w/ 100 psi of air the bottles will take up to 175-180 psi


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