Roundtable Saves Lives!

Last night was the first Round Table of the year….  I love Round Table.  I had not seen friends since June and it’s such a relief to hang out with like minded people who share your goals within Scouting.

During Round Table,  I asked for a new Unit Commissioner since ours  decided to move on for various reasons.  I also asked for a Den Chief and also reminded the District Commissioner for help with JOTA.

The Cub scout breakout was great. We talked about Join Night and how to do it.  Talked about the New Cub scout Den/Pack guides and Summer Camp.  The CS RT Commissioner, District Chair of Membership and District Exec were there asking how it went.  They wanted feedback since they are hearing a few bad points about a few places.  Which is good they wanted it.  The issues dealt with being clean and sleepy troop guides.  All fixable.

I even got teased by the Membership Chair that I could have his position… I think he was pretty serious about it.  He also offered to find another position for me within the District.   If I was crossing over to a Troop, I would have said yes.  That will have to wait till 2013. At the breakout PTCMEDIA was mentioned by the Membership Chair…Scoutmaster Jerry to be exact. He commented about a show on recruiting and Cubscouts.  I added the MISS show.

However, the night was magical for two ladies who just stepped up to be the Webelos I Den Leaders for various reasons.  The reasons do not matter, except they were doing it for their sons and the boys.

Apparently, the Pack Committee told them that Round Table was boring and nothing good comes out of it.  The two had questions, but got their eyes open.  Several of us gave them their contact info, as I did.  I then saw them in the parking lot outside of the Stake and talked about another hour about many things.  They were unaware about Summertime Pack Award and many many things.  They want to do things different.   The Pack Committee is in for a shock…..;)

Apparently five Webelos II last year quit Scouting after not getting the Arrow of Light and did not Crossover to Boy Scouts.  RED FLAG! WARNING WARNING WILL ROBINSON!

The lives of the boys and these ladies have changed.  They are even very interested in WOOD BADGE for next year.  (Too late for this year)

They are however going to Pow-Wow and as many Round Tables as possible.

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