The Segment Program

I was asked via Twitter about this photo that I posted of my son.  This is the first photo of him in his Bear Scarf & Slide. We were going to the Scout Night Sleepover at the PGE Baseball Park in Portland, Or.  It was not a Summertime Pack Event, but something we have done for two years.

The question was about the patches around larger patch on the right side of the uniform.

Now, the right pocket is generally reserved for a temporary badge area.  In our Council it is used for a district badge.   This is one way that we can recognize where we are from.

From my understanding, there are councils that do have segment programs. The Seattle Council & Montana Council’s do.  However, not all programs are the same.  Which is pretty neat since I know people who stop in to scout shops and get different ones.  I have done that in Montana.

One of the great things about a having a segment program is that when the boys do something within their rank and it relates to a segment we can acknowledge them with that segment.  The more they get, the more they get excited.  Couple  that with the Beltloop/Pin program, there is a lot of learning and excitement going on.

We have Pinewood Derby, Space Derby, Raingutter, Scouting of Food, Goodwill/Goodturn and several others that most all seen in other councils.

However, the Cascade Pacific Council has their own.   Which, has actually grown by five more this year.  Which is great.  Now we have a wreath, candle, $ and a parade segment. (Cannot remember the 5th).

The one bummer thing about having this, is that when there are other temporary patches what I would like to display in this location, it cannot.  Hence, the Red Vest!

While the segment programs are a great way to encourage the boys to learn, the downside of it is that they get a lot of them.  It is highly suggested to have two to three rings of segments around the middle patch.  Any more rings starts to look bad.  Hence a really good reason for the red vest.  Elliot is getting to the point of starting that process.  Once the boys get into Webelos and get the tan shirts, they can put the segments they are most proud of on there, if they want.

Overall, the segment program is a great motivational item for the Tigers and other boys who need reinforcment of joining.   To me, as a Cubmaster, if a boy shows up and does something, they get a patch.

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