Scout Join Night & Planning

I am very pumped about Scout Join Night this year.  After reading both Twitter and Facebook posts about how well my fellow Scouter’s are fairing, I am very pumped about ours on Sept 14th.  I am heartened by not only the gaining of Tigers, and other Scouts, but also parents who step up to the task of being a Den Leader.  They are all in for a great journey.

This year, our Pack Committee is already firing on all cylinders.  We have flyers out to three public schools, several private schools and posted in libary’s, stores and other places.  This is something that we (I) did not do last year.  Did not know to do it, did not know about resources from Council Office and flat did not know.  We suffered because of it in the Tiger program.  We did have about 10 show, but quickly dropped to three. A few came and went.

This year, I already have emails & confirmations of six boys/parents who are expressing interest.  Also have prospects of two Den Leaders for Tigers & Wolves.

Our Pack Committee went nuts on planning in late August about Join Night, 1st Pack Meeting and Popcorn.  We had our former Unit Commissioner who is our Popcorn Kernal at the meeting.  She’s so awesome.  We worked out what’s going on for that program and how we are going to attack it.

Tonight the Bear Den Leader and new Asst Den Leader met at Starbucks for a 90 minute planning session.  I was there to add/clarify what I wanted.  This year is BACK TO BASIC’s!  Denners, Cubmaster Minute, Vespars, Circle of Light, Flag Ceremony…..and a format for each Den Meeting!  Hello people this is WOOD BADGE happening and they have NOT GONE TO WOOD BADGE!  (I just know they are Beavers!…they have to be…;) )

These are parents who get it. They get Scouting.  They get it because they want the best for their boys.  If they give their best for their boys, the others will get their best too!  Hence the reason I stepped up to being Cubmaster.  I can affect others that will bring out their best for the boys.  By no means do I take credit for doing it all.  It’s them.  I showed and explained and they have done it themselves.  I am here as support and guidence.

I cannot wait until Join Night and the first Pack Meeting. It’s going to rock. The boys are going to have so much fun.

My one thing that I still need to do is to have a Parent Meeting after the first of the year to check in with them and see how they like it.  I also need to have them help me understand what they want out of Cub Scouts for Summer and next year.

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  2. Aaron Deason says:

    A big old tail slap from a fellow Beaver (SR 858 Fall 2007)

    We got the local banks, churhces, and civic center to put it on their electronic billboard. If someone had one, we asked. You might even try Sonic or some other businesses to get them to advertise for you!!!

    we got articles in newspapers. Did Public Service Announcements for Radio and TV. we have 100s of Yard sign for the Schools and businesses to announce School Night for Scouting.

    also, you could try to get help from your District or Council Marketing Chair (am lucky to be married to ours…@mdeason123 who is an Antelope SR 897 Spring 2008) those people may have contacts and resources for you to utilize!


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