Day 78: When Parents Fail

This past week has been busy with real work, not Scouting.   The only Scout related item that I did was to play my Native American Flute at a Wolf Den of my friends Pack.  Different district too!

However, today the Boy Scouts “Be Prepared” motto worked.

This past week my Mother-in-Law fell and broke her hip and led to other medical issues that basically has her in the hospital for a long time.  So, my wife has been there everyday.  The rest of us have been doing what we can to make life easier.  That’s not the fail part.

I took off today from work do clean the house and run errands.  I needed a haircut and made an appointment that I started the failure.  The kids take the bus home each day if not in aftercare.  We have told my Son to make sure that his sister is on the bus after one incident of not being on the bus.

Today, I was off doing my errands, the wife at the hospital and the kids on the bus coming home. HOME where WE WERE NOT AT!

Upon realizing that the parents were not home, Elliot realized that it was not safe for them to be there.  So, he gathered up his sister, gave her the Light Saber and he the Ninja Sword and took off to his friend Sam’s house.  The swords were protection from the Wolves that have been in our neighborhood.

Sam’s Mom called my wife, wife called me and I realized the massive error! I am such a bad Dad.  I knew that they were safe, but there was the moment knowing that no one knew where they were.  I grew up as a latch-key kid, but that was the 70s & 80’s.

I got to Sam’s house and got them safely home.  Sam’s mom told me the story about how they walked up with the swords.  I was amazed.  I asked both kids why they did what they did.

Elliot replied “It’s what Boy Scouts do.  No one was home and I had to do something. Right? So, I got the swords because of the wolves and went to Sam’s house.”

Not only was he concerned about his and Rachel’s safety at the house, but also knew about the Wolves.  I was also very proud of Rachel since she listened to her brother.

My wife and I never really talked about going to Sam’s house or what to do if we were not home.  We talk about Youth Protection related items, but not this.  Apparently something within Cub Scouts sunk into him and he used it when an emergency presented itself.  Not bad…..I guess he does listen.

Just one of those moments when you realize that your kids know to do something right when something isn’t right.

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