How Do I Rate as an Effective Leader?

If you have been through Wood Badge, you know that the end result is to become a better leader for the boys, your unit and others within Scouting.  While surfing within the Den & Pack Meeting section.  I happened upon the pdf file of “How Do I Rate as an Effective Leader?”  While the Scout Oath & Law, Cub Scout Promise & Law of the Pack along with Venturing Oath & Code are very worthwhile creeds that allow those within the programs to guide them, there needs to be a checklist for Scout Leaders.

Scout Leaders within each program do follow those creeds along with all the BSA Policy & Guidelines.  However, we need to check in with ourselves on how we are doing.  Within Wood Badge, there is a 360 review that the participant hands out to their unit or peers.

The above listed check list is very good in making sure you as an Adult Scouter are doing your job.  The Leader Knots that can be earned and nominated for are also a good check list.  They can be the result of being a good Adult Leader, but this one goes further.

The three of the twenty-three that really stand out to me are:

#17:I appreciate and understand the thinking of today’s young people.
#20: I put the boys first
#23:Where I am weak in some of these area, I resolve to do my best to correct them.

Both #17 & #20 are almost the same.  As the Cub Master, I need to keep topics, games and themes interesting for Webelos II to Tigers.  That is a hard task.  As the Tiger Den Leader it was easy to keep their focus on one thing since it was just them.  With ages from 6 to 11 it’s a bit harder.

My weakness are several items.  First is, I EMAIL A LOT!  I also can get hyper-focused on an issue/topic or hobby and loose focus on it and other items.  The email habit is one that I struggle a lot with.  If you ask any of the Den Leaders or Pack Committee they will agree 10000000%.   The great thing is that since our Pack Committee and Den Leaders are up to speed and doing what they need to and not having me do it all, emails have slowed way down.  I now just let them do what they want to do with very little input.

Hyper-focus: Been this way my entire life.  I suspect it’s my ADD/ADHD or whatever label you want to put on it.   I think totally different from others and I can loose interest in things pretty fast.  However, with Scouting I keep getting more training and learning a lot more about it.  Because of this and Wood Badge, I have found how to keep learning on my original Wood Badge Ticket.

Take a look at the PDF and see how you are doing.  Are you effective?

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