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So, today while doing chores my son asked if we could go bike riding and not at school, somewhere else.  Now, I had thought that would be great.  He normally does not ask for this.  The one pitfall about our driveway is that it’s a 300ft decline right into the garage door.  It was great when we bought the house, but now, I want a ranch on a cul-da-sac. Hence, we have to GO places to ride bikes and scooter.  If I was moving I would not buy this house for that reason.

Ever since I took over being the Cub Master, I have been thinking of how to get new boys to join.  It’s hard to do!  Some places just naturally attract Cub Scouts.  It’s all about marketing and getting the work out to the parents.  Once the word is out, you have to get the interest of the boys.  Boys want FUN!

So, when Elliot asked about Biking, I realized that we have not done a Bike Rodeo.  A Bike Rodeo would be a perfect Pack event that could hit on several items for all.  The boys can have a huge amount of fun, the whole family can join in and requirements can be met for many ranks, badges and patches.

If the Pack stages it right, we can send out flyers to the schools and get a new crop of Tigers for next year. The boys can offically join Cub Scouts in June.  Which we can have a Bobcat Ceremony and get them going to Camp  and set-up for a great summer activity award of events.

Now, our council has a great Fishing Derby program in the spring.  I do not have a problem with it.  It  is set-up for the Cub Scouts to bring a friend to the Fishing Derby.  It is a one-on-one recruitment.  The location of the fishing hole for our district is a good 60 minutes away from our meeting place.  It is set right in the middle of soccer season with games during fishing time.  Most of the boys last year did not go because of that and we did not get anyone joining.  The first year was ok.  Several boys went, but no one joined. Some boys went the second year too.  This is in no way a put-down on a great event.  It gets the boys out doing something that they just might not do.  It just does not fullfill the main reason of going for us.  I will continue to support and advertise it to the pack, because if we do get just one boy, it worked.

My plan is to have a more locally centered event that we can control to our advantage.  If we can grow the Tiger population each year, that will allow this Pack to grow and still be around.  We were first chartered in 1951 and next year is our 60th Anniversary.

Here is my email to the Den Leaders & Committee today:

On Oct 31, 2010, at 11:09 AM, Adam R. Cox wrote:

Hi there:

Thinking about this for late May.  This would be a great Spring Round-up for the Kindergarten Boys in May.  June is the first available time that they can join the Pack.  Which they can also earn their Bobcat Rank and go to Summer camp & the Summertime Activity Events.

Elliot and I are doing a few things around the house today and he asked to go bike riding somewhere else.  So, after choirs we are going out.
So, being that I have Cub Scouts on the brain, I thought he could earn his Beltloop today. (I will buy it..:)  )

That made me think that maybe we hold a Bike Rodeo for the Pack and the Bears can put it on in the Spring?  It would get them a requirement, Beltloop & Pin. There is also a Bike Rodeo Segment.

Below are links to a Cubscout Rodeo on You Tube, Beltloop/Pin requirements and Bear Requirements.
Do requirement (a) and three other requirements.
Know the rules for bike safety. If your town requires a bicycle license, be sure to get one.
Learn to ride a bike, if you haven’t by now. Show that you can follow a winding course for 60 feet doing sharp left and right turns, a U-turn, and an emergency stop.
Keep your bike in good shape. Identify the parts of a bike that should be checked often.
Change a tire on a bicycle.
Protect your bike from theft. Use a bicycle lock.
Ride a bike for 1 mile without rest. Be sure to obey all traffic rules.
Plan and take a family bike hike.

The Webelos I can also use this as part of their Fitness Pin
Tigers & Wolves:There are several items that can be marked off for rank and as electives.

Adam Cox
Cubmaster Pack 221 Portland, OR

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