WB WE1-492-11 Troop Guide

Going back to Gilwell, but this time as a Troop Guide.  I was not able to go this last session due to schedule conflicts.  However, when I found out that this year’s Wood Badge was scheduled for April/May, made sure my schedule was clear.

Tonight I received a call from the Scoutmaster offering a Troop Guide position.  I was extremely flattered and honored.  I immediately said yes.

Suffice to say, I am very eager to go back to Gilwell.  Wood Badge has really shaped my life and helped in many ways.  Now, off to recruit people to go in April!

About Adam R. Cox

Current Skyloo District Commissioner Current Skyloo District & Council Trainer Current Council Member at Large (Cascade Pacific Council) Former Tiger DL & CM of P221 in Pioneer District Former Skyloo District CS Roundtable Commissioner. Former Ast Council Commissioner for Commissioner Tools and Communication Former Pioneer District Training Chair WE1-492-09 Beaver W1-492-11 Bobwhite TG ASM Logistic W1-492-17-2
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One Response to WB WE1-492-11 Troop Guide

  1. Adam-
    It’s going to be a real fun course! I am going to be a Troop Guide also for this one. Had to pass up two courses because of Jambo!! But I am really looking forward to this opportunity.
    Going back to Gilwell is going to be great!
    Looking forward to working with you!
    Scoutmaster Jerry


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