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At the November District Roundtable change started to take place.  Which, in my mind is needed and welcomed.  One of the big changes that directly affects myself is the start-up of a Cubscout Camporee.

I can only speak to the last 2.5 years of going to Roundtable since I found out about it and started going.  There has not been much of any Cub Scout support.  The most that I ever saw is the OA doing Crossovers and some troops coming to get the boys.  If older brothers were in a Troop, then that Cubscout and his friends might tag a long to the Boyscout Camporee.  Webelos Woods is the only other support, but it’s for Webelos and not the whole pack.

Last night the District Chair came out and stated that the one way Boy Scout Troops thrive is by supporting the Cub Scout Packs.  There were only 6–7 Packs represented, which is normally 3.  District made calls & emails to all Packs. Roughly 27 in district. Troops are about the same.

The Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner made pleas to Troops present about Den Chiefs.  In our breakout we heard that some troops are dwindling and asking district for help.  What? Why does District need to help.  Troops need to work with Packs. Not just an invite after Webelos Woods, but to come to meetings and outing and even to go to Pack meetings to run something.

Back to Cubscout Camporee.  I did volunteer to co-chair this early on.  We got info about estimated dates. So far, no conflict with Wood Badge.  Location is at Council Resident Camp that has horses.  It will be a two night overnight with many activities.  This is not a Summer Camp style camp.  It’s going to be a recruiting event that families can attend.    Meaning, if there are Kindergarten boys that want to join, invite them.   Bring the whole family.  If Pack is going, it is required that some leaders teach a Beltloop/Pin activity.  So, ten packs, ten beltloops.  Once completed, boys get a “bluecard” to take back to unit so unit can buy & award it.  I even think Webelos Pins could happen.

Our Committee Chair was there with me at the meeting and he said that we are coming.  We think about 30 people will show up.  He told the crowd that myself and him were already trying to figure out a camp outing in the spring.  We now suspect that we will have two. (SO VERY HAPPY!!!)

Using this as recruiting, we can set-up boys to invite friends and also Kindergartners for joining in June.  District already has a May Fishing Outing that is council wide.  So, here is the plan as I see it.  April Cubscout Camporee. May Fishing Derby (include Pack-round-up for new boys at meeting to get Bobcat) June Pack Meeting have Bobcat Crossover with rest of Pack crossover into new rank.  Summertime Pack Events start and include new boys & families.  This means, sending out flyers with events for new/current boys that list April to Aug events.

Our Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner basically did that last year and got 20 boys which doubled the pack.

Overall, the take away is that to grow and create fun, people have to step-up and make it happen.  For the people who are stepping up in our District and forcing change….GOOD FOR THEM!  I will do what I can to help.  I am glad this is happening.

I also realize that my career within the District is starting to take off.   I am excited to see this happen, I want a Cubscout Camporee.  The more we do about making stuff exciting to the boys, the parents/leaders/scouters will start coming to Roundtable.

I am going to start inviting more District people to our Pack Meetings.

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