2010 CPCBSA Pow-wow

November 13th was the Cascade Pacific Council‘s annual Cub Scout Pow-wow. It was my second Pow-wow and my first as an Instructor.   (This shot if from the front looking towards the crowd as Instructors were called to the stage for a round of thanks!)

I love Pow-wow.  It’s such a wealth of knowledge that is garnered from every corner.  Not only from the classes, but also from those who attend. There are many many conversations that happen about how to run dens, pack meetings, committee meetings and so on.

To me, Pow-wow is a must for all Den Leaders and Committee Members of a Pack.  It should be required for new Adult Scouters due to all the wealth of information. Crafts, Ceremony, Camping, Den Leader Basics & Pinewood Derby info just to name a few.

The whole event was kicked off by the Cascade Pacific Scout Executive Matt Devore.

The vendors that come on-site are just amazing.  So many places to have the boys go and do.  Evergreen Aviation (Now home of the Spruce Goose), OMSI Museum, Model Railroad Company, Putter Theater, Next Adventure (local camping store outlet…10% discout for Scouters) and the list goes on.  There are so many good deals and they cater to Scouts!

Other vendors are from the Boy Scouts what want you to use their services: Sea Scouts, Tree Planting (it’s different this year) Wood Badge.  There is information about Religious Embelems, PRAY, Catholic Services within Scouts and much more.

The CPCBSA Scout shop was on hand selling most all the basics you needed minus rank badges.  CPCBSA was also selling leftover summer camp shirts for $1 each.  I snapped up four.  two for me and one each for my son and daughter.  They also had vintage scarves and shirts from the 80’s 90’s and even before Cascade Pacific changed their name to what it is today. Very cool stuff.  Too bad those items did not come in the FAT GUY size!


Last year my main reason for going to was to satisfy a ticket item of becoming a better Cubmaster.  it was to go to Pow-wow. DONE.   I took a lot of ceremony classes, Blue & Gold bases classes.  This year I took Beyond the Committee Basics, Putting the Outing in Scouting and Pinewood Speed Clinic.  The latter was taught by my Troop Guide.

I really enjoyed the Putting the Outing in Scouting.  I learned that you do not have to hold Den/Pack meetings in a gym.  GO OUTSIDE AND WALK AROUND.  Do a Flag Ceremony at the School Flag Pole (already do that).   Hold a meeting under a tarp. (It rains in Oregon…a lot) so, why not do it anyway?  The soccer folks to it all the time…and they are in your Pack anyway.  Also, it was confirmed to me that if your on a hike, you can work on the Hiking Beltloop/Pin, Leave No Trace, Wildlife Conservation Beltloop/Pin and many other achivements all at once.  (This was reconfirmed by a conversation with a Scoutmaster & his wife Ast District Commissioner & fellow Wood Badger…if you work on a project that combines two merit badges and talk about both, both count…)  The Outing in Scouting made me think again OUTSIDE THE BOX.  The Box just got smaller.


The Pinewood Speed Clinic was fascinating.  My Troop Guide and obsessed with Pinewood Derby. Now, straight off the bat, I am here for my son.  I am not here for me.  In our Pack last year we had an Open Class and one for Siblings.  I made a Cub Master car and raced it.  My daughter made one too!  We even had a dad bring his 1966 car.   This year my son will be doing a lot more work on his car.  He is a Bear.

However, I found out some very good tips on how to set-up the wheels, offically supported tools that will make a difference.  He talked about where to add weight and the physic’s of it.

There are many many tips that I came away with.  Will I share?  Sure……;)

My class that I taught was Recognition.  I took it last year as part of my ticket.  So, I was very familiar with it.  I had to teach it three times today.  In my day job I train people how to use copiers and printers, this was very different.  This was all content that I had to come up with by myself.  Yes, I had last year’s CD with all the information.  i did create a quick sheet on a few links and info.  I also created a Certificate of completion of Recognition 101.  I signed it and shook each person’s hand and thanked them for coming to the class. I did provide manyt hings that I do and have planned to do in the Pack.

However, I learned a few things from some of the Scouters.   I am going to bring out Den Doodbles.  I am going to start the year by having a Campfire program. I am also going to end the year with a Campfire program.  I again realized that it’s the little things that matter.

The one main theme that I got from all the classes is RECRUITING HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. INVITE BOYS ALL THE TIME.  PUT FUN INTO IT!   The boys come to a Pack by two ways: The parents sign them up and their friends explain what they are doing.

Now that Pow-wow is over for the year, I cannot wait for it again next year.  Next year it’s all Webelos classes for me.  I am going to PUSH HARDER for my Pack to show up. This includes the parents.

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