Doing your Good Turn and Respect

Today, while in Walla Walla, Washington for work, I saw a young lady (I am 42…go from there) on the corner holding a sign.  What the sign said is not important.  However, what you and I know is that she was asking for money and help.

I was taken a back by this since Walla Walla is a small town and you would not think that someone would be on the corner with a sign.

I drove past, I was busy and I avoided looking at her.  I hate that and I am a Cub Master.  A person who points out to the boys and others that “DO YOUR GOOD TURN DAILY” is a good thing.

What is a Good Turn? Is it seeing a person who seems lost in a fog and get them pointed in the right way?  Holding the door open? Saying thank you & please?  Helping your Mom do laundry?  Making a meatloaf for a neighbor who is going through a death of a family member?

I have earned the Service Ribbon on the BSA 100 Year Patch.  Which one of the items was to do a Good Turn for Seven days.  Wow, that was hard.  I told myself that doing normal things was not a good turn.  I started off the seven days by donating blood.  Which turned into donating via Apheresis since I had great blood!  I have kept this activity up.

So, why did I miss a chance to do my daily good turn.  I try everyday.  I am able to keep track of it through my iPhone App. A fellow Scouter made this App, and it’s very cool! There are several reasons why I missed this chance, but I realized an opportunity.

I missed this chance for this reason alone. I generally see people who ask for money this way as someone who might need Professional Medical help.  Meaning, they are on the street and need help for substance abuse.  Not all street people are this way.  However, I do not want to contribute to their path of harm. I want my Good Turn to actually count.  Selfish?

We as a society would rather rally around cute fuzzy animals and good causes that are in the moment.  We do not help those in need on an ongoing basis and when we physically see someone right in front of us who need help.

So, what I am going to do about this?

The December Theme for Cub Scouts is “Repect.”  I have had a hard time in figuring out how to make pack meetings better, wanting to be more entertaining.   Because of my encounter with the lady on the corner, I have switched gears.

My goal for the December Pack Meeting is to help show what the Spirit of Scouting and Good Will can do.  I will follow-up after the meeting.

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