The third Monday night is our Pack meeting.  I look forward to those with somewhat of fear and excitement.  Fear because it’s all me up there and I have to deliver.  Fun, because I get to be up there and do whatever I want to do.

I blogged about this Pack meeting on Dec 6th.  I had a plan and I basically stuck with it.  My point for this meeting was to tie in Scouting for Food, Scouting, how we treat others and ourselves.

If you read the BSA December Cubscout Pack plan, I basically used it as a guideline.  I had the Cubmaster Minute/Closing and played the game.  We also say Cubscout Vesper’s.

The that I used was for the boys to take cardboard boxes three-four at a time pushing against each other and relay them down the gym floor while holding them.  The boxes I brought were small blocks, so I gave everyone 7-8 of them.  It took some of the boys a little while and others immediatley got it and get started.  The lapse was, some started before I said go.    Not a problem.  All the boys figured it out and went with it.

Once all the boys had a chance to go through the process, I brought them into the half-court circle in the gym and started my talk about Respect.  I really tried and not preach to them, but ask them about what Respect meant to them.  I asked how they would show respect.  I also asked them if walking the boxes down the gym needed for them to show respect.

They boys responded pretty well.  Some talked about how using a shopping cart would have been better.  I pointed out that using the buddy system is sometimes is better than using a shopping cart since you might not have a shopping cart.  Plus you have to work together.   Some said there were too many blocks.  Which, I explained using the buddy system and communicating with eachother you could have figured out another way to make it work.

I then switched topics in how we help as cubscouts other people.  A Webelos I chimed in with Scouting for Food.  Exactly.  I asked what SFF is all about.  Several boys resoonded.  Yes, we do this as a service to others who are less fortunate than us.

I also asked, do we help eachother within the Pack?  Yes, said the webelos.  We put the SFF bags out to all the houses for Us, Bears, Wolves and Tigers.  Exactly.

Working from these points, I started to remind the boys about the Cubscout Promise and Law of the Pack.  I explained that we as Cubscouts are looked up to when we are helping others.  I also explained that our uniforms are a symbol of respect.  I explained that having a clean, tidy uniform that is tucked in and looks good shows respect.

It was then that I brought out five patches from our Council that is no longer available.  It had the words Character Counts on it.  These were patches that were in our shed and not used for 5-7 years ago.  I used these to award the best looking boy in uniform at that time.  My form of uniform inspection.

A strange thing happened.  They all started straightening their scarves, tucking in shirts and saluting.  Along with being very quite.  As I handed out patches, one hoping that the boy would continue coming and being neat, but also that they would be an example.  It was an encouragement for all of them to try again.

I reserved the last one so the boys would behave for the rest of the meeting.  I would award it to the one who showed respect.

I think that the mesage was taken as it was given.  Showing respect is something that needs to happen all the time.  Slip-ups are ok.

I like the idea of having fun uniform inspections.  Reward the boys for doing their best and they will show their best.

Finally, the ending ceremony of the meeting.  I had the lights dimmed, handed out the electric tealights aka lightsabers and started:

This is the season of lights. It is the time when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. But somehow the world seems brighter. Thousands of homes burn candles to light the way for the Christ child. Thousands more have candles burning to commemorate the miracle of Hanukkah. Thousands will be lighting the candles to symbolize the seven principles of Kwanzaa.

Even the stars in the winter sky seem brighter. But the most brilliant glow comes from the spirit of goodwill that you live all year through the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

We then closed with Cubscout Vespers and ended the meeting.

It was a good meeting. Respect, Scouting for Food and many ways we celebrate Christmas.

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