First Aid Pack Meeting

Hot off the heals of December, I am planning the January meeting.
The new Cubscout Pack Guide meeting plans for January call for a Pinewood Derby theme.  Our Pack holds the Pinewood Derby later than most, so this meeting is not going to fit.

The latter months just do not seem to fit. What to do….

First Aid Theme.  During this last pack meeting several Dens talked about First Aid, how to be safe, what do to in case of and emergency…..

So, my thought is to work on Emergency Preparedness pin.  I did a meeting about my 10 essentials last year and being prepared is a core ideal within Scouting.  It’s not selling popcorn or trees, it’s knowing what to do when.

My idea is to have several stations within the gym that the boys will work through and gain skills.  In the end, they should have a built an emergency kit that they can have in their backpacks for school, hiking or where ever they go.  I have 6 or 8oz plastic spice jars that I bought for a now defunct BBQ Spice business that can be used.

My one thought is to have our new Den Chiefs help out on this and maybe teach a station.  While, the cubscouts won’t earn the Pin that night, they will be well on their way in earning it. They should however be able to complete it by the end of the year.  I know that our local Red Cross does have First Aid Classes for Cub scouts.  Also, several of our Den Leaders are actually trained in Wilderness First Aid and also one is a Physician’s Assistant.  I am slated to take the First Aid/CPR Red Cross coarse on Dec 27th.

Overall, it’s not about actually having the pin.  It’s about providing an enviroment for the Scouts to learn a skill that they can use.  Even if they do not use it all the time, when it is time to remember, they will know and will be able to help.

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