Pepsi Refresh Project:Stephenson Playground

This has nothing to do with Scouting.  Except for a few things.
My wife is the PTA President where our Pack meets.
We use the playground at Stephenson Elementary.
It’s for the kids.

If you follow @scouteradam on Twitter or @hueymungus you have seen me retweeting and tweeting messages of support.  The same goes for my two Facebook accounts. (yes, I have two.  One Scouting related and one non-scouting related).

Many months ago, July/August my wife took over as PTA President for two years.   It had been bubbling around in her head about how to raise $25k to get the playground resurfaced.  It’s a topic that has been floating around the School Parents/committees and Foundation for a year or so.  She happened about a website where you could submit an idea and get it funded by getting votes.

My wife never does anything half assed. EVER!   Did I say EVER?  She doesn’t.

So, she punched up a few words about what she wanted to do and somehow got it accepted.  Basics of the game is to go onto the next month you need to be 100 or above.  For the $25k catagory to win you need to be in the Top Ten.  Let’s just say we have been moving up slowly from Aug to Nov.

November was the month that people started getting behind all this as she started EMAILING EVERYONE!  She also during this time got into an Alliance of nine other projects that all lent support to eachother.

This is where grassroots marketing, going viral and June Cleaver of 2010 meet the road.   She asked and got a video made of the project.

The PTA Webmaster whipped up a page so she can send that link to everyone to know how to vote.  The Alliance members had a website that she could track how many clicks were coming in.  This showed trending when flyers & emails went out.

My wife also found a free phone calling service that she recorded her voice message and sent it out to all in the School. (One time final push call!)

She even got the Mayor of Portland to Tweet several times her champaign info.  (I looked at the re-tweets of those who re-tweeted the message…amazing!  He has 29K of Twitter followers.

This is the short version of a four month journey that ended up in getting money to resurface a playground.  She did it because the local School District would not.   I spent many many days/hours talking to her about why I did not vote.  Why I did not understand what she was asking in the emails.  Explaining Twitter. Explaining what to say on the voicemail.

Her frustration was:If the PTA President’s Husband (I like First Husband myself) did not vote and did not understand how it’s done, its failed.  I explained that if I am not understanding, then OTHERS are not either.  I explained to her my frustrations which helped her to better taylor her message to the community.

She also got a lot of help from many people within this Pepsi Refresh Community.  It’s amazing how all of this works.  There is basically several people who know how to legally make projects win.  I think that Ms Winfrey should do a show on it.  It’s just amazing.

Overall, she learned a lot.  She’s quite frazzled and very happy to NOT BE VOTING ANYMORE!.

So, here is to my wife who made something happen for the kids. She knocked it out of the Park!  She did it for the kids that are present and to come in the future!

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