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I love music.  I really do.  Back in May 2010 I needed a Pack Meeting idea.  I wanted to do something big.  My Troop Guide asked me if we sang.  I said no.  A Scoutermaster the other day told me that two SPL’s ago, the SPL said “We are BoyScouts. BoyScouts SING!”  So, they SING.

So, I worked up a Pack Meeting about Singing.  In the end all the boys earned the Music Beltloop.  The Pin activity is kind of hard.

The sad fact is that I really cannot sing nor play an instrument.  I played Clarinet from 3rd to 6th Grade.  Sang in the Choir 7th-8th Grade and then 11th Grade.  I took Guitar lessons for 1 or 2 years.  I cannot read music (neither could Tommy Shaw).  However, I have started to learn and play the Native American Flute. (Again, another Woodbadge story to insert here…..)

Bart & I during the recording of “Salvation Road”

Bart handing out Music Beltloop to my son Elliot

I love local bands.  In Portland I follow and have followed: The Strangers, Kerosene Dream, Renegade Saints, Mexican Gunfight, Nicole Campbell, Paul Lesinski & Flat Stanley, Dave Coey & the Tremor Guild, The Bart Ferguson Band.  There are a whole lot more.  I have included links to iTunes/CDbaby and other sites to get their music.  There are several albums out there.  The one great thing about all these bands, is that they all played together in all these bands.  Lots of crossover between them all.  I won’t go into the family tree of it all, but I love following them.

It was through Kerosene Dream & Bart Ferguson that I was able to realize a couple of dreams of mine.  One, I got to play Roadie.  Sometimes being the Big Guy helps.  I met a few famous people through them, got to set-up and tear-down and drink beer with them.  Another dream was accidental.  I got to sing on the Salvation Road CD .  You really won’t hear me.  I am in the Choir parts of the CD.  But, I got to be on a CD.

My final dream is to actually perform on stage with a band. Yup, It’s one thing that I want to do.

However, due to my Troop Guide, I fell in love with the Native American Flute.  I now have two Native American Flute.  I play them not to badly.  I bring them to all the Pack Meetings and to last Fall’s Webelos Woods.  I will be bringing both flutes to Woodbadge this spring.  I will also be using them during this years Arrow of Light.

So, take what you love and incorporate it as best you can.  You never know what your dreams can lead you.  I am a huge supporter of music, art and anything fun.  Music and Art will help draw you together.  In your travels, you might not be able to speak the language of the country your in or the part of town you find yourself in.  However, I highly suspect you will be able to sing a song together and both understand the meaning.

“A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.”

Robert Baden-Powell

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