FOS and Recogintion: XXI of C #100daysofscouting

During the Blue and Gold on Monday night, I did the FOS speech.  It was basic and I explain why.  I did it during the time the boys got the Cake.  Bad timing.  I really did not want to sit there and bore the kids to death.  Lesson learned.  However, our Pack did write checks and donated.  I was very pleased.  It was something that we as a Pack never have done since I joined.  So, for that, it was a success.  I have one to two more to do.

Blue and Gold did rock.  The two videos that I displayed everyone loved.    All I kept hearing was “That’s Me, That’s Me, That’s Me” from everyone.  I think I got all the boys in there.

I also gave out the first ever “Spark Plug” award.  It went to our Committee Chair.  If the Cubmaster does his magic in front of everyone.  The Committee Chair does it behind the curtains.  Our Committee Chair does not want Knots or praise.  He does it for his son and the boys.  However, the handmade trophy and certificate were right in order.  I could not do my job without him.  I needed to publically thank him.  I also needed to let the Parents know that without him, the Pack does not Go!

Yours in Scouting.

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