Webelos & Den Chiefs: XXIII of C #100daysofscouting

Our Pack has two Den Chiefs.  We are getting off to a slow start, but that is to be expected since we are all new to this.  I am not worried.  One of the things that I am hoping is that both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts is that they help eachother.  The relationship between the Pack and Troop can only grow stronger because of it.  The understanding of the Cub Scouts will get shaped by the Den Chief. The wonderful thing is that while one teaches the other, they both earn rank requirements and also have fun.

In the past few days both sides have expressed communication issues.  Again, understandable.  Today’s blog post is a reply from my Webelos I Den Leader to the Den Chief.  The WDL copied in everyone since it is what I asked due to Youth Protection.  Below is the email.  I have changed the names due to Youth Protection.  What I like about this email is how the structure of this Webelos I Den is working.  What the Den Chief can provide and what the Den is doing.  This is a Webelos Den Leader and Den that gets Cubscouts and Scouting all together.

On Mar 1, 2011, at 12:37 PM, Baden-Powell wrote:

T. Perez — hope your exam and report went well a couple weeks ago!  We are
excited to have you as our Den Chief.  I’m hoping you will be able to
join our den this coming Monday at 6:30 pm at the Gilwell Field.
Unfortunately, I will have to be away that night on business,
but our co-den leader James L West will be there.  I’m not sure if you
got my message about helping introduce the boys to the Boy Scout
program.  The boys are almost done with their requirements for the
Webelos badge but we still need to learn about (but not memorize at this
point) the salute, sign, handshake, oath, law, and motto.  I think it
would be a great way to introduce you if you would tell them about what
you do as a scout and what you like best.

Typically, we start the meeting with the Cub Scout promise and then go
over some logistics — calendar and so forth.  James will lead that.
Then we could introduce you and have you talk about the scout stuff.
What do those things mean and how do we apply them in life?  The boys
are 10 with shorter attention spans, so brief is good and anything you
can do to make it more like a game would be great.  I’d like you to
especially focus on the loyal, helpful, friendly, and courteous parts as
we are having a little issue with bullying and disrespect that needs to
be addressed.  James will say a few words about that and I’ll reinforce
it the following week.  Then they’ll play a game.  Typically, we have a
cub denner who chooses the game and brings a treat, but I think we may
have run out of scheduled denners at this point.  Perhaps you or James
could lead a group game?  Please let me know asap if this will work as
we’d need time to arrange something else if you are not able to attend.

I’d also be interested to hear if you have any special things you would
like to lead or help lead in future meetings — hobbies, interests,
skills, etc you would like to share.  I have a few ideas.  One would be
to build on the first aid you started in the January pack meeting so
they can earn their Readyman pin.  Another is to build on their cub
scout “Leave No Trace” to learn the Boys Scout outdoor code.  I’m trying
to schedule a March 18 (school is out) morning tour of the Salem Capitol
building and then a noon hike (Silver Falls?).  Perhaps if you are
available you could help do some outdoor code then?  Check your schedule
and let me know your thoughts.  When you email me, please copy your
parents, scoutmaster, and James L. West (FOS@BSA.ORG).  Thanks.

Lord Baden-Powell
Pack 221 Webelos I den co-leader

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