XXVIII of C of #100daysofscouting

Sometimes the work of a Cubmaster is behind the scenes as well.  I have been reviewing what a Cubmaster & Committee Chair is and what they do.  Remember, I am totally happy with how it’s going.  With any organization tweaks need to happen.  I have been in communication with the Committee Chair about a few things.  We are going to sit down over a few beers and flesh it all out.  I did talk to him tonight at the Den Meeting.  He apparently goes to the Charter Org monthly meetings.  I stopped going because I got myself thin.  Good to hear that.  If he goes there and I go to Roundtable, we have it covered!

Talked to the Webelos II DL about this weekends Crossover.  We generally have it all covered.  Just have to review the speaking parts when we get up there.

Talked to two different Troops tonight at the Den Meeting about upcoming events.  Feeling really good about the attention that we are getting from them both.

Found out tonight that there is a leadership shake-up within the District Committee.  Should prove to be interesting at Roundtable this week.  I told the Committee Chair that I was asked and turned down the Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner position.  I just do not have time for it in my current life and Scout life.

Had a really wonderful lunch today with a very good friend.  He was the Best Man at my wedding.  Had nothing to do with Scouting. Realized why we are such good friends.  We listen to eachother.

A Bobwhite friend in  Idaho sent me his songbook so I could see it.  I am wanting to make my own and needed to see how he did it.

I found out today that the Guide to Safe Scouting had been updated.  Pretty interesting.  Need to look at that and see what it all entails.  It prompted me to email it to all Den Leaders and Committee.  This publication from National has only proved to me that I need to work on guidelines for next year.  We need guidelines so we know where to be pointed.  Plus, it will set-up the next generation of Adult Leadership within the Pack when I leave in 2013.

Also, I think that if Charlie Sheen was not loosing it as it currently is and took Woodbadge he would be one hell of a motivational speaker within the BoyScouts.  However, as it is, I think his application would be rejected flat out.

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