XXXI of C of #100daysofscouting

Today is Roundtable in the Cascade Pacific Council.  I love Thursday’s.  I generally try not to miss Roundtable.

I got a survey from the Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner.  He, the District and Council want to know how we are recruiting, about popcorn, leader succession planning and other various items.  I filled it out and copied the Committee Chair.

I sent what I am calling my “Cubmaster Manifesto” to the Committee Chair last night.  It’s a three page memo.  It basically outlines what I want to do next year and how all the volunteers on the Committee should handle themselves, communication and expectations.   The main goal is to have everyone on the same page.  Think FORMING & NORMING!

The Arrow of Light Ceremony is this weekedend.  I am totally jazzed about it.  I wrote the ceremony and got it to everyone.  The Webelos II DL really likes it.  I am excited since I wrote it and get to be in it and put it on.  While I was not in the OA, this is as close as I get for the time being.

I really like reading all the #100daysofscouting blogs.  I have met and followed new friends.

Next week is a day off from school for the kids.  The Webelos I Den Leader has worked up a tour of the Oregon Capital and then a hike.  Asked if I could come along with my son and daughter.  He said yes!  Apparently there is low turnout from the Webelos I.

Working with the Tigers and Wolves to see if they can combine to go to the same Day Camp.  Scheduling issues are the main reason.

I also like seeing those who I follow on Twitter reaching out to help eachother.  Even though we are different Councils and sometimes thousands of miles apart, Scouts helping other Scouts.

Finally, I saw this from the Bechtel Summit Twitter Feed: This is the coolest #scouting story you will see all week #scouts  It is a link to a story on the WOSM website.

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