Game with a Purpose XXXX of C of #100daysofscouting

Saturday was another all day for the Wood Badge staff.  I was not able to attend the sleepover on Friday.  Note to self: If you do not attend a meeting, your given something to do.

I have to say that being on Wood Badge is an honor, scary, fun and helps me to remember.
It is an honor because I get to help pass along knowledge of Scouting and being a better leader to many.
It’s scary because of all the stuff I have to do and remember.  It is my first official training as a member of a Training team of Cascade Pacific.  I am representing Council and it’s a big training.  It’s not Pow-wow where I talk for 1 hour three times about a single topic. (Still very important) but the participants are not totally invested in my one hour.
It’s fun.  Yes it is.  I get such a gas from all my Troop Guides and the Admin Staff.  I am the new kid on the block compared to all their experince.  But, I bring something to the table.  We are equals in that reguard.  We laugh, giggle about everything.

The knowledge that comes out of these staff development days brings me right back to when I was going through the 2009 course.  I get all the little things that my Troop Guide did and why.   Several things that happen, happen for a reason.  Realizing this has helped me re-confirm my skills.

-I also have to say that I got good news to me and one other of my fellow Troop Guides.  We had a talk over lunch about Training and BALOO within the Council.  One of the Troop Guide’s Husband is on the Council Exec Board and is heavily involved with training.  He came by and gave a quick hello and peptalk.  It was about training.  I asked/explained about the lack of BALOO/OWL training within Council.  What he said helped out a lot.  Basically he said that BALOO/OWLS/ITOLS will be changing in how it is presented from the National side.  (I won’t go into it since it’s completely changing and also nothing was set in stone from his perspective.  He is going to National soon to talk about it with them.)  All of this news really helps because now, I can go back to my DE and others and hopefully point them in a direction to re-do training that they held in the past.

There is a purpose to this game we call Scouting and it’s not all about cool slogans or catch phrases to motivate others to do their best.  But actually take the time to learn and then communicate.

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