LXIII of C of #100daysofScouting

Saturday was the last training session of Wood Badge W1-492-11.  I think it was the hardest overall.

Here is a great website that shows a good process in making a Turk’s Head.
I think that we mastered the knot.  I need to find good cord to start making them and practicing.  One of our Troop Guides, Ken, has cord in his office and makes this knot to releave stress.  He sat down and walked myself and Scoutmaster Jerry through it.  Coupled with the document and Ken, I got it.  Now, I am going to see about doing it today.

Finally, my Troop Guide showed up to go over his part within Wood Badge.

So, yesterday was my Birthday and I was on Staff for Wood Badge.  Along with the SPL and my Troop Guide we all are April birthdays.  It was great to celebrate it with them.
Last night I went to a Auction for the school my kids go to.  I bid on a Hockey Suite for the upcoming Webelos I Den, but lost.  It’s what I thought when I saw it.  Most of the Pack Leadership was there, so they knew what I was doing.  I did not get it.  But, out of it, I got a line onto another Suite that might be donated or allowed to use.  Secondly, my Committee Chair and I split the Principal for the Day and lunch.  I get to be Principal for the day and then go to lunch with Her and bring my Committee Chair along.  She’s a good egg, so it will be good to talk Scouting with her…;)

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