Random LXII of C of #100daysofScouting

I spent Sunday afternoon working on how to make a Turks Head Woogle.  This is one that I made and had my son model for me.  I realized that it’s a tad big.  Need to be smaller.  Also the cord is not really want I want.  All and all, a good start.  My plan is to make about 75 of them between now and the beginning of the Fall Cubsout 2011-2012 season.
I am going to give them to all the returning boys and induct the new tigers with them.   While having slides is fine, I think that giving something to the boys, explaining what a woggle is and it’s meaning will have them learn what tradition and ownership is all about.

Leave No Trace.  I was in REI the other day looking for presents for my Patrol during this Wood Badge.   While there I saw these.  It’s “key” that will release the pressure from unspent gas and take out the nub where the fuel comes out.  This will allow the can to be recycled.  I really like this idea.  I use the Jet Boil system.  If you use Jet Boil, you should get this key “Crunch-it“.  It is also sold seperately for $6.

Finally (again), today I am in Redding, CA on business.  As I do normally, I seek out different councils.  Today, I find myself at the Golden Empire Council.  I spent about 20 minutes there talking to the District Exec and Admin staff.  The Admin gave me this patch just for coming over.  I promised to send her a patch from Cascade Pacific.  Apparently this is a renegade patch.  I have one that is similar from CPC.  It’s a Cubscout CSP.

I find it amazing that an English General in 1907 thought it would be cool to have people learn Scouting.  Because of him, this happened.  All because we are Scouts.

Finally, in watching my Twitter feed, I am seeing the people who have come back from the 2nd  weekend of Wood Badge.  They are popping with eagerness and excitement to start working their tickets.  Again, an English General figured that Training was needed to continue Scouting.

What can you do to continue something you beleive in?

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