Back to Gilwell @ Camp Cooper & Day XCIII of C #100daysofscouting

I leave for Camp Cooper the site of Week #2 of Wood Badge Course W1-492-11.  I think that I am packed and ready to go. By the time this posts on Day 93, I will be there.
I am excited to be there.  I am excited to start this week and then kick-off their journey in having the Mighty Bobwhite Patrol work their tickets.
As I read through many of the blogs of the #100daysofscouting, I find it odd that my last few days will be at Gilwell.
While I have blogged during this time and met a lot more people, i know it really will not end.
Several people are saying they are looking back on their past 100 days to see what they have done and accomplished.  This in of itself is a ticket of Wood Badge.  To create a journal of what you have learned.  One could some how take all their posts and create a book about it.  Just as people do with Songbooks and cookbooks.
What might be fun, is if someone took Everyone who blogged about their #100daysofscouting, and made a book about it.  Now, that would be fun.

So, I will be going dark for several days.  Once I re-appear, I will reflect back upon my #100daysofscouting and what I have learned.  We have all been enriched on this journey.  And, it’s still going.

FYI: I am posting this @ 12.34pm PST.  Which, is my favorite time of the day. 1234.

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