Treasure Hunt Pack Meeting

This Monday was our Pack meeting for May.  The Bears got their Rank and a few other Cubscout Bling.  The Tigers earned the Leave No Trace award along with some Tiger Badges and a Bobcat.  The opening was minus a flag, but we used all faced the direction of the School flag and did the ceremony.  I used my iPhone to help me with the Promise and Law.  It was all good.  For whatever reason, I just do not do it for the meetings.  We need to do it everytime.  In the Troop, they do it all the time.

So, this month, I invited Troop 41 to come help us do a Map & Compass Beltloop  activity.  Troop 41 has historically been the Troop that Pack 221 has gone to.  The Webelos have also have gone to Troop 221.  Many of the Den Leaders are now the Scoutmaster, Troop Committee and ASMs for both.

I introduced the Scoutmaster and he explained who he was, when the Troop met and several things that they do.  I wanted them to come for two reasons.  One, I wanted to get outside of the Gym and do something.  Secondly, I wanted the Boys to see what a Troop is and have their involvement.  The Troop really stepped up and made it happen.  Boy led all the way.  It was headed up by the SPL and 6 other Scouts.  Most all had their Arrow of Light and one was an Eagle.  I made sure to point it out.  I also asked what Cubscout Pack they came from.  They all said Pack 221.

The Treasure Hunt went off very well.  The Troop explained the Compass, Compass Rose, Cartography, Pacing and many other things.  I had asked to have them covered and they did.  We had 6 different stashes that the boys had to pace out, point the compass towards and walk it.  Now, it’s not a Geocache and the beads were not hard to find.  However, it introduced all the concepts to them.  The one great thing is that at the end, one of the ASM’s had chocolate coins for the boys and a golden star bead.  Not sure which was more interesting!

As BP said, “A game with a purpose.”  This had two or three.  First, introduce the Boys to a Troop.  Second, learn about Map & Compass.  Third, have the Troop use the Edge method.  Teaching something that they know to others.  The Scouts in the Troop were all what you expect when you say “Boy Scout”.  The Eagle Scout that was there, was an Eagle Scout.  He help remind my son several times how to act accordingly.  He was nice about it.  I talked to most all the Scouts during the whole event.  It was not adult to teen, but as a peer.  They were the experts and they were conducting the event.  I just sat back and watched.  I went around checking in with the Cubscouts and making sure things were OK.  They were.

This was Scouting at it’s best.  Up next is a Bike Rodeo with Troop 221 for June.  Our Den Chief’s are from there.

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