The @benoshmag & @gerber_gear swag from @BearGrylls Post

The other day, on Twitter/Facebook I saw this “Retweet/Like” us and you can win thing.  Great.  Is it a iPad? Nope, it’s from this online magazine called Benosh.  They are giving away some Bear Grylls stuff from Gerber.  Right, so I know two out of Three.  I quickly like/RT/Follow as directed.  No harm.
I start in looking at Benosh’s website and it’s pretty good with the outdoor reviews. While I am not a gear junkie for all the things written up there, I do appreciate Gerber, Keens, Osprey and other items that I would use.  What I do like is some of the articles.  Did you know that JUNE is GET OUT DOORS MONTH?  I didn’t until I read that article.

So, while I was reading all this, the next day or so, I realized that I had won!  Whoo hoo!  This is now my fourth time winning something off the Internet.  First, it was a Cubscout t-Shirt from, then a mini-shovel from The Bechtel Summit and then a Gift Card via PTCMEDIA to get a Scouting book that I picked out with it.  Pretty sweet!

Now, the thing that I like about this, besides the great knife, is how the kit is laid out.

While it’s not the 10 essentials, it’s a great kit to have. It will be with my 10 essentials and any day hike that I go on.  What I really like about the packaging is that on the back of the bag, there is a communication item that shows how to communicate with searchers from above.  Very simple and effective.

So, well done on the designing of this kit.  I have a similar knife from Gerber already, but this one is nice and lightweight.  While my son is soon to be a Webelos I, he will get this someday.  It will be tucked away in my kit as well.

Overall, a great magazine, knife and Ultimate Survival Kit.  I did not think that I would get both, so I am very happy.  The person who I took my info via email sent a great note too!  The box came from Jackson, Wy.  A place that I really like.  I spent a summer in the Teton National Park and two others in Yellowstone National Park and I wen to Jackson a lot.  A wonderful place to go spent time in.

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