Pack 221 & the Junior Rose Festival Parade.

Today was a good day to be a Cub Scout!  Every year our city puts on the Rose Festival.  During that time there is a kids parade called the Junior Rose Festival Parade.  I am not from Portland, but from Montana.  I have seen a lot of parades, but hardly been in them.  I think that my first one was last year at the Multnomah Village Days Parade, with Pack 221.

Traditionally our Pack has been invited to this Junior Rose Festival parade.  I did not know how it started.  I just know that our former Cub Master told me that it’s a tradition and we have to go.  Here call/email this number and get in.   What I had heard is that it’s just for the Webelos.  So, last year I told the Webelos I & II’s to go.  They went.

This year, I told the Bears (just like last year as they were almost Webelos Is)  and the Webelos I (soon to be II) to go.  Which meant I got to go because of Elliot being a Webelos I on June 13th.  The Bear Den Leader called/emailed and got us in.  Cool.

So, here’s the thing.  Myself and the other Bear Den Leader  and three Bears were kinda running late due to traffic.  We hiked it for 6 blocks to the starting point.  Everyone is there and accounted for, great.

Bear Den Leader comes up and says “hey, I met the lady who started this 20 years ago!”  OMG. Really?  After a few moments, she appears and is currently the Rose Festival President.  Ok, this is getting really cool.

She gave me a quick history lesson about how it got started and how she’s glad to see us.  I told her myside of the story and we swapped info.  What I learned is that she took the entire Pack to the parade and marched.  Guess, what we are doing next year.

Before the parade started I explained that today at this moment, they represent BOY SCOUTS and all of them in Portland, OR.  My main goal was not to have them get all goofy during the walk.They didn’t.  They were AWESOME!  Yes, we changed the Color Guard at lest 9 times.   Were we all over the place.  Yeah, but it was good.

The whole parade was awesome.  People stood and covered the hearts, took their hats off and saluted as we walked by.  I kinda knew that this would happen and I had to explain to the boys what is going to happen.  While walking down, I saw it happen. They stood up and saluted. It was the Flag they were saluting, but it felt really good.  It felt really really really good to be a Scout today.  A Scout is Reverent.  I am not sure if the boys got it.  But I will remember this day forever. The other great thing that happened is that people were cheering for BOY SCOUTS!  Many times.  That felt really good too!

Here is the fun part.

We were first.  We were the Color Guard for the 2011 Junior Rose Festival Parade.  Everyone was behind us.

Twenty years of walking the parade.  Well, next year we are bringing the entire Pack!

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