The Webelos Summer

      So, this summer is my Son’s first Summer as a Webelos.  And I am excited.  I think that it’s more ME than him.  So, I am trying to ratchet it back a few notches.  He is going to Summer Camp and I am following along.  In Scout Master Jerry’s Blog, he talks about what do you do at Summer Camp.  There are a few of us Scouters within our little Twitter/Internet Virtual Council (as I am starting to call it) that are going to Camp.  Some of us are even running it.

I have generally waited a few weeks to get back into Scouting mode with myself and son.  However, I started last night to talk to him about the Activity Badges and what he can earn.  I am thinking that Fitness, Family Member and Traveler might be a good couple to start.  This is also a long with several beltloops.  The beltloops will help him earn part of the requirements of the Badges.

He was not too receptive about any of this.  Eyes started to glaze over, so I asked him what he wanted to do.  We ended up playing a game of Sorry and Battleship.  He won Sorry and I won Battleship,but it was a great time together.  I did suggest playing Chess as he loves it.  He quickly was onto me about the Chess Beltloop and declined the offer.  The Chess Beltloop is part of Scholar Activity Badge.

Within summer camp in July at Butte Creek, there are several Beltloop and Activity Badges that he will be able to earn.  In theory he will be able to earn two beltloops and Activity Badges.  If he works on the other three Activity Badges and those Beltloops he will be well on his way for getting the Webelos  Badge.

So, back to Jerry’s Blog.  I am going to expand it a bit and mold it to Cub Scouts since he deals with Boy Scouts and Troops.  By their very nature Boy Scout Troops are run by Boys, not Adults and are more independant than Cub Scouts.  Packs generally do not have official meetings during the summer.  Unless the Pack puts on a Summertime Pack Award program, then it’s done till Fall.  If your Pack is NOT doing a Summertime Pack Award program, then you are not allowing the boys even more fun and chances to earn various awards.

Within the Pack, and specifically Cascade Pacific Council’s Summer Camp program there are three awards/patches that the Adults can participate in.  It was my goal to earn them.  However, during last years Resident Camp I realized that it would take me away from the then Bear Den and my son.  Granted, out of eight boys that went, seven Dads were there.  However, I was there for my son and watching another Bear.  They were fine, but I felt the need to be there with them.  I did not want to wander off in search of signatures or doing things to get the patch.  I did participate a bit.

Cub Scouts need a bit of direction during, well just about everything. I herd Cats & Turtles during this time.  You just cannot leave them to their own devices…for the most part.  They had their own play time near the sleeping area that I let them do what they wanted, but always close enough for the Two-deep leadership part.  Everyone was good.

So, I did not participate in that Badge.  I know that I will not do it for the other two camps that my Son will be going to for the same reason.  Also, because we will not have the dad coverage that we had last time this year.  Next year is a four night five day camp as Webelos II.

So, for Camp, that is what I will be doing.  I will be with my son and the other Scouts making sure they get to where they need to be and help as needed at those stations.  BB Guns and Archery won’t be an issue since they get it.  Others, well let’s just see what can happen.  I am not going to DO the crafts for them.  But I will hold a nail for them or stretch leather so they can nail it into place.

Back to the Webelos advancement….  It is generally the policy of our Pack that items earned over the summer are not bought by the Pack.  It’s up to the parent to buy them.  We will log them into Packmaster so they get credit for them.  It’s my general idea that the Webelos program is 20 months long without a real break for Summer.  Meaning, the boys should be a bit more active in earning their rank.  So, here is the rub.  With all that I think that my son can do over the summer, is it really HIM wanting to do this, or is it me?

Yes, he will get at lest one Activity Badge that is required outside the three for Webelos this summer.  One out of 20.  The four others not required for either Webelos or Arrow of Light possible rank requirements might happen, but will be up to him.  As well as the beltloops for others.  It really is MY goal for him to get all 20 Activity Badges and not his.

So, that’s the rub.  So far it’s all about ME and not HIM.  I know we will get a few things in, but Scouting is for him.  He drives this bus and I am the silent guide/passenger with him.  That’s my struggle for these upcoming 20 months.  I am working on not becoming that Helicopter parent or one pushing their son to do everything within Scouting.

I would love to hang out at Summer Camp and read a book or do the patch, so who knows…..

Have a great summer!

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  1. Fawn Walden says:

    I have started my third time as a Webelos leader. This is the way I like to do the Webelos camp the first day we give the boys the map [ and most of our boys have been to the camp] let them figure out which is the best way to get from place to place. we follow them to make sure they are getting to the right place. the rest of the time they are on their own and we stop in from time to time to check up on them. when they go to boy scouts they are usually on thier own [ with buddies] and this gives them a jump start. I have been to 6 Webelos camp and this is the best way I have found. I want to be with the boys but give them room to grow and trust themselves


  2. Scouter Doug says:

    Like the graphic… that’s MY council!


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