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Within Cub Scouts, the adults have to DO everything for the boys.  Meaning, setup the Den and Pack meetings along with all the events.  Yes, the boys can help with making things for events.  But, this is not Boy Scouts where they do all the planning and putting on the event themselves.  By the time parents get to Boy Scouts they are trained or have an understanding on how things generally work within Scouting.  In Cub Scouts, it’s the opposite.  Parent’s have not a clue except for those who are crossing over….  Brain Drain.  So, forget about the official Scout training that is needed to be a Leader for a moment.  There really is no training for how to put on a Blue & Gold, Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta or Bike Rodeo.  You can also factor in many other events that your Cub Scout Pack does in to this.  The only way the people learn is by going through it or researching on the internet cause they are doing it for the first time.

So, here is my next project within this Blog.  How To Do it.   I currently am on the Top Ten List (still have a few to go), but  I am going to look at how to do events.  But, I want to see your How-To’s as well.  There are no prizes here.  If you have something that you do, send me an email about it @ scouteradam at  If you have a photo or two, I will put them up as well.

I will post up the Bike Rodeo that we just put on and also repost the Arrow of Light Ceremony we did in March.  I will also start sharing my plans for Pack Meetings.

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