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  I really want to say it was about September 2009 that I figured out and found PTCMEDIA.  I suspect it was a bit more since I surf’d iTunes looking for Cubscout stuff and found “An Hour a Week” podcast and got hooked.  I was searching for how to do my job as Tiger Den Leader and Cub Master.  There were others on iTunes that did help.  Some have now “pod-faded” and others just were not up to what I thought they needed to be.

Within PTCMEDIA there are many shows.  They are:  The SMM Podcast, An Hour A Week, Scoutnation, Melrose Scout, MISS Show, True North, The Leaders Campfire and Around the Scouting Campfire.  One that has come back from the archives is Akela’s Adventure.

I have listened to all except Akela’s.  Reason being is that I tried the first one and it was not where the others were at.  I suspect they are all good, but it just did not take with me.

I get something out of each show.  I have talked earlier about Scout Nation and True North in this Top Ten List. So, I won’t go into them.  Read the last post and you will get why I like them.

An Hour A Week.  This is a great show for the Cubscout crowd.  There is a lot of District/Council Leadership stuff as well and how it all works.  What I like about this show is that it records live via a PTC Chat room and we are there as hecklers trying to get Cubmaster Chris’s attention.  That is what I like.  I actually hear the show before it’s sent out to Podcast land.


MISS Show: Who doesn’t love the MISS SHOW?  The big take away from here is, it’s Scouting from the Female perspective.  This is not “Den Mother 101!”  It’s Scouting from the female perspective!

Melrose Scout: This is basically a video blog.  The only one.  The great thing about this is that I get to see old skits and games and songs and how-tos done by Boy Scouts from a Minnesota Troop.

The Leader’s Campfire & Around the Scouting Campfire:  These are both great shows.  What I get from here is they bring on guests and talk to them about various topics.  One show that I really liked was with @Scoutdude who is a Order of the Arrow Arrowman and has a leadership position within his Lodge.  He also is now on staff with Patrol Z with Bechtel Summit.

The SMM Podcast: These podcasts are just a wealth of information.  On the blog, there are also videos about camping and what to take camping.

This group of Podcasters are generally very timely in delivery, they have not podfaded as a whole and keep a lot of information flowing where a lot of others have just died and do not work for me.


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