Camping with the Family

I have lived in the Portland Oregon area since 1989 and I know that I have not been everywhere in the area.  Suffice to say, this weekend the whole family loaded up in the van and took off.  Yes, we didn’t need BALOO, OWLS or did we even file a Tour Plan.  Yup…We even brought Beer and stuff for Gin & Tonics.  Oh, and we had the Irish Cream stuff for the morning!  I know, report us to my District Exec….He’s on the coast working the Webelos II camp…;)

We realized earlier this week that we kept promising to go camping, but NEVER DID!  So, instead of surfing Facebook, we found this location on the Southern side of Mt Hood. Roaring River.  There is a river that is on both sides of the campsite, but it’s not roaring.  Since we had never been past Estacada, OR it was an adventure.  (Google Portland and Estacada and you will see how far it really is..)

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This weekend, I really wanted to go fishing.  I like fishing and I, but I am not one of those Bass Masters.  I come from Montana, you know that movie “A River Runs Through It”.   I grew up in South Central Montana in a town called Billings.  I did use worms a lures for years and years up in the Absoraka-Bearthtooth Wilderness.  I could walk to Yellowstone National Park from where I hung out.
Because of all that, I fished up and down the rivers and lakes growing up.  I also camped as well.  I should have done a lot more now that I think about it.  Because of this, I want to pass it along to Elliot and Rachel.  So, far I seems to have gotten them hooked on it.

So, this weekend was all about the family.  Did I sneak in some scouting stuff?  Yeah…I did.  Several things, but it’s what I would have done even if I was not in Scouting.   Elliot has his first real knife. Yes, it’s a blue Cubscout Knife. He did earn it through the Whittling Chip as a Bear.  He has been bugging me a lot about wanting to whittle sticks.    I reminded him about the Circle of Pain/Blood and how having a knife is a respondsibility.   He nodded his head and said yes.
I gave Rachel several lessons on the difference between Bobber fishing and Fly Fishing is.  She mastered putting a worm on the hook faster than Elliot.  Which, if you knew her, she’s fearless!  Elliot is a bit stand-offish at first, testing the waters…then goes for it.  She mastered the casting of Bobber-fishing.  Which, is awesome for a 6 year old.

I then showed them how to cast and what a fly rod was.  I almost dropped into how Fly Fishing will help you commune between God and all things in the Universe if you let it…but…I didn’t.  I let that happen as I took off from them for 20 minutes and lost myself in watching how the water flows around and around and around…..

During this campout, I really tried just to NOT do Scouting stuff.  However, both my wife and I did talk about Leave No Trace and being quite and picking up around the campsite.  Outside of that, we roasted marshmellows, drank hot choco and had a great time.   It’s good to get a way with the family and be.  Next up is Scout Camp with Elliot.

Oh, Elliot did get his Fishing Beltloop which counts as part of the Sportsman Webelos Activity Pin.  Accidental Achievement…as some would put it.

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6 Responses to Camping with the Family

  1. I like your blog and i have found that you have spend a very enjoyable summer weekend and it seems really nice and exciting.


  2. agoodolbear says:

    I understand what you are saying completely about not doing scouting stuff. Letting the kids go into the lake without a swim test or placing their tags on the buddy board. Singing songs around the campfire that you otherwise can’t because you like to wear your pink pajamas in the summer when it’s hot. Letting them shoot each other with water guns. Having fireworks! Having the family dog with you. Letting the kids enjoy nature without fullfilling some requirement, and learning without a set of written achievements. I find that I keep the values with me when I’m “getting away” from scouting, but the rules, politics, requirements, and achievements are what I’m trying to escape. I don’t totally abandon all rules (think fire safety and life jackets) – but there are many that I can escape from.


  3. scouteradam says:

    Jerry: What I was trying to say about getting away from Scouting was taking off the Cub Master Hat and not being a Cub Master. Just being Dad. The lessons and values of Scouting are and will always be there. What I was doing was being Dad and showing Elliot and Rachel things that are important to me from when I grew-up.


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  5. You can not get away from Scout.. nor should you try.. Scouting provides lessons for life. Values that are timeless, and memories that never fade. Why people “try” to get away from Scouting baffles my mind. Separation of Scouting and “real life” makes no sense to me.. Scouting and what it teaches, offers, and provides is a part of my life, and I don’t want to get away from it or hide it from my family.
    Just my couple cents.
    Have a Great Scouting Day!


  6. Kevin says:

    Good for you! We’re counting down the days now until we head out family camping. I *CAN’T* wait!


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