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As Training Chair for out District I am in the middle of setting up our October Training Blitz.  Myself and the Program Chair/CS Roundtable Commissioner will be teaching the Cubscout section this year for the first time.   We are looking forward to it.

Last year I pushed and made it pretty well known within a few people that I wanted certain trainings.  Guess I pushed hard enough that I got the head job.  No worries.  So, I am a training junkie. If you follow this blog you know I took and then Staffed Wood Badge.  While that is important, the other trainings are also important.

I am bringing this up since at our Pack Committee Planing meeting last night, training was brought up.  Since I have the records for our District, I sent in what we had to the Committee Chair and Treasurer and Membership Chair.  I know that the council records do not really reflect what we all have, but it only shows most of us have the basics.
As I was forwarding the information to the CC, I went online to and looked at what I had.  I had more than the basics. While you cannot see all of it, I do have Hazardous Weather and a few more.  I also have Tiger, Wolf and just took Webelos.  I have half of Bear done, which I need to complete.  I also have Pack Trainer, Committee and District Committee.

The Webelos training took about 30 minutes.  It was informative.  Did I learn anything?  Not really, but I was reminded of what the program is supposed be about and some ways to accomplish it.
Point being, is that online training for Cubscouts is easy.  It is all the training you need? Nope.  It is a great starting point.

Hence back to the October Face to Face training our District is putting on.  Having that face to face time is valuable.  It does several things.  First, it helps you network with other adults who signed the Adult Application and was forced to drink the Kool-Aid.  Second, it helps to show the new Scouters where to go for help and other resources.  Finally, it’s the meeting that will tell them what they need to know outside of online training and books that they can read.  Meeting people and having them tell you where all the COOL places to go and who to talk to get get free stuff is invaluable.    Do you need both?  Sure.  Can you survive with just online. Sure.

The Cubscout Leader training is just the first line of training that a Scouter will go through if they continue with the program and into Boy Scouts, Varsity, Venturing or Sea Scouts.  Yes, those other trainings do take time out of your weekend or weeknight, but just like going to school or college your there to learn something so you can be better at what your position within the Unit.

Did I know that in 2008 when my son Elliot went for his first Pack Meeting that I would become the Tiger Den Leader, Cubmaster, Troop Guide @ Wood Badge, Pow-wow & PTC Instructor and finally District Training Chair?  Nope. I had not a clue.  Point is, all the training that I have gotten has gotten me here.  It is helping me provide for the boys in the Pack and in other units within the Council.

So, take the time to take training.  Those who are providing it have been in your boots and do it for free.  Also, take the online training. It’s good information.  It’s also very simple.  Besides, from what I hear most online training taken at is done between 11pm and 2am.

Yours in Scouting!


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