The Traveler Activity Pin

In 60 minutes, along with teaching Elliot Google Maps and how to use Alaska Airlines Booking Tool, he has completed the Traveler Pin. He wanted to go to a Waterpark in Hayden, ID (Holiday Inn). It’s the one place he always asks to go to. We first plotted it out on Google Maps via driving. He got into a discussion about why one route was faster than the other. So, we used the little yellow guy and looked at some of the routes. Once satisfied on the shorter route (time wise) we printed it out.

Then, we thought about places to go. He focused in on past trips. Maui, a beach in Mexico (which I can;t spell), the Waterpark and to a pool in West Seattle that he learned how to go off the high dive. (See a trend here? Swimming MB here he comes.)

Once that was all done, we had to plot out a trip via railroad, bus, ferry or airline. Since I fly all the time, we went with the Alaska Airline. It turned out to be $758.80 for the trip since it was leaving tomarrow.

So, out of this, Elliot learned some planning, costing, drive time, how to use Alaska Airline Booking website and Google Maps. Not to bad for 60 minutes.

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