1st Pack Hike 2011

Saturday was our first Pack Hike of the 2011-2012 season.  We have done this for the past three years to get us out of the Gym as soon as possible and also to use it as a get to know you for all the new scouts.  While our numbers are trending to 19 new Scouts we only had four new scouts and four old scouts and my daughter show up.  This included a few parents that I was able to talk too.  One nice thing is that we had a Scout return for Webelos II after one year as a Wolf.  We met at Tryon State Park.   Here is the Friends of Tryon and the State Park websites.  Both are chock full of great info.

Our Pack has at lest for the four years that I have been with them, gone to there to use it to talk about all the different requirements for all ranks. Last year the Tigers used it to earn the Leave No Trace award.  I made this a Wood Badge Ticket item back in 2009 that 50-75% of the Pack would earn the LNT.  Which, we did.

While the hike was there as a mixer, the boys did fulfill several requirements toward their rank and other awards.

Webelos I & II covered:
Naturalist Activity Pin #4

Bears covered:
#5 D
#12 C, D

#5G (Hike with Den)

#10 C

All Completed:
Wildlife Conservation Academic Pin: #1,7,8

Leave No Trace Award:
#1 Discuss LNT with Parent/Leader
#2 (went on one outing)
#5 Can complete if boys agree to sign Pledge.

  What I found really very cool, is that the Ranger that our Events Chair had scheduled to give a talk had a trick up her sleeve that I didn’t see coming.  She was incredibly passionate about Scouting.  She herself is a Girl Scout and also pointed out that her brother was in Scouts as well.  She also mentioned that many Eagle Scouts come to the park to find and complete Eagle Projects.  However, the most impressive part of the talk was when she took out all the animal pelts and asked the boys to figure out what is what.  There was a: Skunk, Mole, Fox, Beavers, Coyote, Mink, River Otter, Rabbit, Squirrel and Raccoon.  They all squeeled when she brought them out, but had a great time with the identification.

Overall, it was a great first Outing for the Pack.  I got to talk to many of the parents, explain a bit of the program and get interest in helping out the Dens and Committee going forward.

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