Compassion & Gratitude on Black Friday

As I am surfing the Internet I came across Scouter Mom’s post about Compassion.  Which got me to thinking about two conversations that I had this week and Scouting.

My first conversation happened up in Oak Harbor, WA.  An elderly gentleman came to alert me that he was not feeling well and needed to rest a bit to collect himself.  He is 88 years old.   I won’t describe his issue due to his privacy.  He said he was feeling weak and I needed to make sure that he was ok.  I asked if he needed me to call someone for him.  He said no.  So, we stood for the next 45 minutes talking about his life and adventures.  I found out that he is from Scotland, trained in 1941 in Canada to be a Pilot/Bombadier in an Open Cockpit Tw0 Seater Monoplane for the Royal Air Force.  He also talked about how he was a Ball Room Dancer on Cruise Ships and had seen the world.

The second person I met was the lady who checked me in for Apherisis on Thanksgiving Day.  Her son is currently serving in Afghanistan as a Physican’s Ast for a medical unit.  He is a Captain and has a wife and three kids.  We talked about how the Pack is doing a Service project for a Medical Unit in Afghanistan.  They were not the same unit.

Coupled with Scouter Mom’s Compassion post and the Gratitude post it all got me to thinking that during this time, we all need to stop what we are doing and remember others.  It’s not about BLACK FRIDAY.  We need to not just as Scouters to carry ourselves in ways listed in these posts.  Because we are Scouters, we also need to always show Scout Spirit and follow the Scout Oath & Law and the Cubscout Promise and Law.

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