Handyman Webelos Pin

This weekend there were several projects around the house that I had Elliot help me with.  Back in my mind I knew that I was going to have him complete the Handyman Webelos Activity Pin. (Check the link for all the specifics)

Outside of the Know, Commit & Practice aspect of the requirements, which were completed over the summer, fall and on a ongoing process, we worked on these:

  1. With adult supervision, wash a car. (Washed Mom & Dads car a couple of times this summer)
  2. Make a repair to a bicycle, such as tightening the chain, fixing a flat tire, or adjusting the seat or handlebars. (Worked on brakes, Seat & Derailer on his bike and sisters)
  3. Properly inflate the tires on a bicycle. (Both his and sister’s bike)
  4. Replace a light bulb in a fixture or lamp. (Helped with kitchen light replacement & replaced Smoke Detectors during our Smoky House issue,)
  5. Help take care of the lawn. (Yeah, all summer long…you think I wanted to?  That’s why I had kids!)
  6. Arrange a storage area for hand tools or lawn and garden tools. (Use of Lawn Mower & Power Washer in Shed amoungst other items)
  7. Clean and properly store hand tools or lawn and garden tools in their storage area. (Same as above)

This Pin started in the summer and basically wrapped up this weekend with the Kitchen Lamp replacement and after a bike ride.  During the Bike ride both Elliot and Rachel complained about their bikes not being in good repair.  Rachel’s had two flats.  Flatter than normal.  Elliot’s seat was low and brakes did not work as well as the derailer.  So while Rachel was off selling Girl Scout Cookies (Yes, it’s that time of the year in our neck of the woods) Elliot and I tackled these items.  I had also purchased a few items that I needed to put on my bike.  He helped put them on as well.  I had asked him to go get the tools and he did.  I explained what Allen wrenches were and he used them.

When we moved inside for the Lamp, I explained to him how I am afraid of electricity.  I showed him the breaker box and what it did.  I showed him how to read each breaker and when it was on/off/tripped.  He turned it off.  To which I asked him to go check the area if lights were off.  He confirmed it.

Once everything was safe, I got on the ladder and he got on the table so he could see the outlet.  I showed him the drawings of what was going to happen.  After the cover was off, i showed him the Black, White and Green wires and explained what they were and for.  We talked about lighting and how it goes to the ground.  I showed him the safety caps on why they were there.

As we worked on it he was getting it.  Spending about three hours today working through all the projects we got them knocked out.  Couple with the work during the summer and some delay, Elliot earned his Handyman Webelos Activity Pin.  Could he have completed it in the two weeks as described.  Sure.  But we started this in the summer, so I really did not want him to complete it all during that time.  I just made mental notes as to what he has done as well as logging them in Packbadges on my iPhone.

I did review with him what he had learned and asked specific questions for the Know, Comment & Practice part, just so he could tell me.


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