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I just got this in the email from my friend Scoutmaster Jerry. He and I are in the same Council and have many views that are the same. This, is one of them. Sports and Scouts. It does and can work. I will go further than Jerry does and state that it’s the Parents that limit the Son/Daughter in what they do. It’s because the Parents DRIVE THEM EVERYWHERE! Along with what Jerry has said, it’s the Parent’s Time in doing stuff within their life and work. Yes, some Parents are single, work 4 different jobs. But if something really is important to you and/or your children, you will make it a priority.

Great Posting. Hence, I have re-blogged it here.

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For those of you that have followed the blog for any given time, you know that I am a fan of sports.  I believe that sports do great things in the lives of youth and I also believe that there is room for sports, scouts, academics, and a normal life for our youth.  I actually think that when youth participate in sports and scouts they become better young men and women.
This last weekend was spent watching my oldest son wrestle at a tournament with the High School wrestling team.  John did real well this weekend, and as I sat and watched, and for those of you that have been to wrestling tourney’s.. you know that it is an all day affair.  You have lots of time to sit and watch, think, write, or do as I do.. people watch.
I typically get into lengthy discussions with other parents.  This…

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