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Today was the Portland area’s Worst Day of the Year Bike Ride.  There is a 16 mile and a 45 mile ride.  I opted for the 16.  While I have done one other official Bike Ride in Portland, this was one by myself and with my new bike.  It’s also the first during my getting healthy kick.  I ended up meeting a friend of mine at the end, he did the 45 mile version.  That was fun.  I did see the SPL & SM from a local Troop.  Truth be told, I recognized the SPL, but I could not place him.  I ended up saying hello after I realized.  It was good to catch-up with them.

The event was great.  I got there a tad early.  Right when the Die-Hards left.  Then came my group.  The families and goofy dressed and semi-not-hard-core.  The Event is in their 11th year and was organized great.  There were 3 rest stations along the way.  I did not stop at the first one since I was just getting going.  Though the Hot Chai did help.  The second one in NE Portland was great.  It was a good stop since I needed a break.  That was about 8 miles.

Towards the end, my family kept calling me asking me where I was.  It ended up that they were waiting for me along the route and held up a banner.  That was totally awesome.  Very inspiring.

So, while this post has nothing to do about Scouting, it was about getting out and doing something that I normally would not do.  Plus it was about fitness.

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