The Webelos Badge

Tonight, March 12th 2012, my son Elliot was presented his Webelos Badge.  As his Dad I could not be prouder.  I know he has worked hard for it.  It was not easy in some cases.  All the boys  eight Tree Scouts  earned their Webelos Badge today.  As did the 13 Tigers and  seven Bears.  That’s 28 boys who advanced tonight out of 47.  The Arrow of Light is this weekend and the Wolves are working hard.

We played a few games at the end and had cake.

The second half was a parent meeting coupled with our DE giving the FOS talk.  We did well, but our goal was not met for the $$.  But it was higher than last year.  Which is good.  Granted the whole meeting itself could have gone different.  But, as a Cubmaster, I gotta role with it.  Let’s just say if Mick Jagger was a Cubmaster, I would have Moves like Jagger!

As I got home tonight, I spoke to my son since I was not able to stand next to him and give him the award.  I got down to his level and looked right at him and told him that he has earned something that I have not.  He has done things that I have not done.  I told him that I was very proud of him and what he has accomplished.  I pointed out the 8 pins that he now has.  He asked if he could get all 20.  I said, yes.  It is up to him to earn them.

I am proud of my son tonight.  I am also very proud of every Scout who got their Rank tonight and those who are still working on it.

This is why I do Scouting.

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