The Cubmaster Hike

I have been thinking for awhile about how to put the OUT in Scouting.  Many of my Cubmaster brethern throughout the land have hiking clubs.  As the person who gets to set the tone and program of the Pack, I have decided that I will host a Cubmaster Hike.  It’s independent of any Pack or Den Meeting.  It’s up to anyone who wants to come, come.  We will always practice YPT, Leave No Trace and be on the lookout for cool nature stuff.

I am not a subject matter expert on nature or animals.  So, we will all learn as we go.  Yes, I will study up on the area and present facts as I can.  However, I am hoping that there are parents and scouts that can help point this out.  My main goal is to get us OUT.

This stems (no pun intended) in my recent post on the Nature Deficit Child post.  I have also started on thinking on how to incorporate STEM into the Pack Meetings. Later on this.

Because of this, I have worked up a Cubmaster Hike within the Portland Metro Area.  Our second hike will be on May 12th, which is the Jamboree on the Trail day.

I hope that you can take this information and ideas and create your own program within your Pack.

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  1. sjarvis says:

    Awesome! Please let us know how it goes.


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