Doing one’s Duty

Even if you are not a Boy Scout or Girl Scout and live by the Scout Oath and Law you should have a sense of what “Doing your Duty” entails.  You should also know the “Golden Rule” and what it means to “Play Fair”.    We also should have a good understanding of what common sense is and what “Do unto others as you want to done unto you” is and means.

This is not a post about Scouting and what the Pack or District is doing or the latest training I have gone through.  No, it’s a post about “doing ones duty.”  Jury Duty.

Jury Duty is when your government requires your time in the Judicial system to help decide a quarrel between two parties.  Now, it could be a simple neighbor sueing another for being a jerk and damaging their property, or a major crime case that gets you on CNN or on a Grand Jury that helps indict people for being really bad. Jury Duty is only the one time that the Government requires your service.  That is if your female.  If your a male, you are required under law to sign-up for selective service on your 18th birthday.

You are not even required to vote for the Mayor, Congressman, Senator or President.  Those are optional.

So, there is no Military Draft, no other time the US Govt will require you do anything outside of following the law on a daily basis.  If you skip Jury Duty, you can be fined and even jailed.  It’s True!  Ask this guy in Missioula!

So, here is my gripe.  People who shirk their duty because it’s an hassle to them.  There are good reasons why you cannot serve.  The law allows for that.  Also, if it is a real hardship for you to serve.

I have been called several times.  Mostly in the State of Oregon.  I did request once to be excused due to a training for work that I was going to be at for two weeks during the same time as the trail.  I was excused.  However, outside of that, I have always gone.  I made it to one trial for two days.  The person was actually found not guilty due to a County’s mishandling of evidence.

My point is this: If you do not involve yourself within the system and then decide to gripe, bitch, moan and complain… have done nothing to help change it.  You must participate.  Ok, it’s your 1st amendment Right to Free Speech, but remember this….there were people involved with the system who wrote that for you.  There are also people who gave their life for you to be a couch potato.

So, next time you get a summons for Jury Duty.  Go, be a part of the system.  There are people who have a quarrel that need you to decide.  Sometimes it takes the threat of a Jury Trail to get a decision made for them to get them to resolve their issues.

Also, with all the people on Fox News, CNN and other Social Media outlets crying out for the Justice System to due their Duty…..yup..that’s you.  You are called “We the People.” So, do your duty.

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