The Hike Recon

In the Cubmaster Hike post awhile ago, I talked about getting this started.  Well, it’s on the calendar and I have told the Pack about it.  So, I need to prepare myself for these upcoming hikes.  I went to the Woods Memorial Park and was pleasantly surprised.  It is right next to a larger park and community center.  I drove by it all the time.  I did a quick walk from one trail head to another.  It was down a paved road that is blocked off.  I calculated the trails and it is just under a mile.  Ok, that’s good for the first time out.  It’s close to where we meet and we can get a test hike in.

Yesterday I went to Smith and Bybee Natural Area in North Portland, right along the Columbia & Williamette River.  It was not where I had thought it was.  Again, it’s pretty easy to get to.  It’s very early spring here in Portland and a lot of rain has fallen.  All the rivers are very high.  So high that this area is totally flooded.  I could not even get down 30 feet down the trail from the road.

With that in mind, I need to find a replacement just to be safe.  I want to make it along the same lines.  So, I found Elk Rock Island.  With all the information about the seven different habitats on such a small area, is really amazing.  Here is the Google Maps/Earth location.  Again, this island is very close to where I live and I drive by it for work a lot.  I never knew it was there.

So, I will need to check back towards the end of the month and see how the swampy hike will be.

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  1. Wow. The timing of this post is perfect. I am taking my Bear Den on a 5 mile hike (If I live through it) next week!


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