Good Deed Done Daily

Today, I did two things that qualifies for my Good Deed Done Daily.  The first was to re-certify with the BSA for Youth Protection.  In an earlier post about YPT, I talked about it.  Today, I needed to check and make sure that I was current. I have lapsed by two months.  Not good for a Scouter, even worse for the District Training Chair!  Our District Chairman has asked us to bring a printout of it to tonight’s meeting.  One thing that I noticed is that the BSA has re-done the YPT and is really very nicely done.  I learned something from it.

Secondly, I registered for the Wilderness First Aid Responder class via REI and WMI.  REI is holding it and WMI is putting it on.  I am not going to Philmont or any other High Adventure Camping.  I will be camping in Montana this Summer and am working to get out more.  I figure that any First Aid Training that I can get will be well worth it.  I had gotten CPR & First Aid trained by the Red Cross in 2010 during Christmas.  I had wanted to take WFA ever since then.

Finally, and maybe not a GDDD, but I finally found that an author that I have read is coming to Portland.  It’s Richard Louv.  It’s a Friday night, but I am going since what I have written about lately is about getting out into Nature.  If you want to come to ‘Richard Louv presents The Nature Principle at the Oregon Zoo‘, follow the link and come hear a great topic.

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