Den Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day and a time to celebrate Mom.  We did that here today.  I wanted to take one moment and thank all the Moms who are, were, will be and have been a Den Mother.  As well all those who support Scouting in some way.  Either as a registered Leader or as a Scout Parent who just takes boys and girls back and forth to meetings, go-see-its and events.

Yes, the BSA does not call them Den Mothers anymore.  They are Tiger Den Leaders, Cubmasters and many other positions.  If it was not for them, the Pack would not go.  It was in 1936 that Den Mothers were given the option to register.

“By 1929, the new Cubbing program (it wasn’t called “Cub Scouting” until several years later) was taking shape and was introduced as a demonstration project in a limited number of communities. Its structure was similar to today’s Cub Scouting, except that dens were led by Boy Scout den chiefs. The plan included a neighborhood mothers’ committee to encourage Cubs and den chiefs. In 1930, Cub Scouting was formally launched, with 5,102 boys registered at the end of that first year. By 1933 the time had come to promote Cub Scouting throughout the country as a part of Scouting. All experimental restrictions were removed, and the first national director of Cub Scouting was appointed. Den mother registration was optional for the first few years. By June 1938, 1,100 den mothers had registered and soon became an important part of Cub Scouting.” From the BSA Website 
It was not until 1976 that women were allowed to be Cubmasters!  Which it was even longer for the first official Female Scoutmaster.

So, here’s to the Den Mother and all those Moms who served within Scouting!

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